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Nick Redfern is one of the best researchers in the field of the unknown and–incredibly–he has found official documentation that many different cryptids that are generally dismissed in the press are taken seriously at an official level.

In this interview, he reveals that there is a surprising amount of official documentation about monsters ranging from bigfoot to weir-panthers to gigantic birds. So settle back for an eerie half hour of first-rate Halloween mystery and a few pretty serious chills on Dreamland’s annual Halloween Special!

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  1. Cool show, Whitley! As usual
    Cool show, Whitley! As usual I picked up a new insight as I was listening. Perhaps it’s a bit off-topic but I wanted to respond before it got too dark around here on Halloween.

    There’s a sub-genre of Close Encounter phenomena that relates to the fact that sometimes the visitor entities seem surprised or startled by the ability of a person to observe them. When this happens the witness may be incapacitated by a flash or ray and the beings stop their activities a scurry away. But generally the witness is left with the impression that there was a sort of complacency on the part of the beings until the observer reacted to them and then they seem surprised that they could be seen. Thoughts anyone?

  2. As a reply to Cyan_Aura: Yes.
    As a reply to Cyan_Aura: Yes. The one encounter i recall was waking after a dream and going into the living room. My mind was still a bit fuzzy; I think thats why I saw them. It is my opinion that they move in and out of our reality, sometimes being just outside it. When i saw them in my living room, it appear that they were in their ship busying themselves. I was so excited. i stood there pointing at them saying, “I can see you!”
    They were greys and appeared to be wearing blue turtlenecks.(kookie huh?) One scurried up to me and BANG! like headlight on high beam. I woke up in my bed again.

  3. To be unsure is to be
    To be unsure is to be relieved of the burden of ego. That may be one of the biggest obstacles to openness and discovery; it is so difficult to set ego aside when our corporal existence is reinforced by “me.”

  4. I really loved this! I did
    I really loved this! I did want to comment that I do not believe Mothmen are evil. We aways want to look at things with a human perspective and we should understand that just because the are different does not mean they are evil. Maybe their nature is more indifferent than ours. Maybe they are set up with a different set of rules or no rules. It doesnt mean throw caution to the wind of course. I do believe beings of a different nature want to be around us or work with us but we should be understanding that not all are like us.

  5. Years ago, my husband, who is
    Years ago, my husband, who is a deep sleeper, suddenly sat up in bed and pointed to the corner of the ceiling and said that there were beings up there that looked like praying mantids and that they were very surprised that he could see them. I tried questioning him further but he almost instantly fell back into a deep sleep. Being the techy type he is, he fluffed it off in the morning. It was a time of ‘unusual’ high activity here.

  6. I remember years ago the
    I remember years ago the first time I spotted an orb. I could sense, “My gosh, she sees us!” as it quickly zipped away. Not long after, they would actually hang around a while. One time, I became aware of something in my dining room, and glanced over to see one about the size of a basketball floating gently over my table. I watched it briefly, then it slowly moved towards the wall and disappeared through the outside wall.

    So, what are orbs? That is one of those things that, like Whitley, that I leave open to question. I have never felt any fear around them, but I do sense that they are observers that are not used to being observed themselves, or even noticed. I do feel like once they realized I was ok with them, that they were a less uptight around me too. I once had a similar experience during meditation with some Greys. When I became aware of them, they were like, what the…?! 🙂

  7. At Findhorn, in Scotland,
    At Findhorn, in Scotland, they work with nature spirits to grow food that normally can’t grow there. There are people there who converse with Satyrs. I wonder if they have a way into the world where these creatures live?

  8. I equate unsure-ness with
    I equate unsure-ness with what I call “mystery”. How valuable is mystery, whetting our appetite for discovery, adventure, exploration, and curiosity! Findings are seldom definitive. They change as we evolve. What wonders make up reality as it morphs, and is often a moving target….? Sometimes I get it that we are creating it all as we go. That’s a heady feeling of power. But that brief confidence fades as my creations baffle me and invite exploration into yet more mystery. What a brilliant game consciousness is!

  9. Whitley, a truly wonderful
    Whitley, a truly wonderful show! I am anxious to listen to it again!

    Beth1, I found your words to be beautiful. I will keep them as a daily reminder of how to live my life. Thanks so much.

  10. In Sufism, it is said that
    In Sufism, it is said that bewilderment is one of the highest states a Sufi can reach.

  11. I was on a business trip,
    I was on a business trip, years ago in Goldsboro, NC, and got a hotel for the night. While reading the newspaper after dinner in my room I became aware that something was in the room. I looked up from the paper to see a ball of light about the size of a softball approximately a foot below the ceiling transiting the room at a speed of maybe one foot every two seconds. When I looked right at it, it stopped briefly, Then I stood up it accelerated to about 15 fps and passed through the closed door out into the hall. The door was not harmed and was intact. This is the first time that I have mentioned this event publicly as it was so….unbelievable.

  12. On Fear and the Visitors: New
    On Fear and the Visitors: New Information
    Incredibly beautiful and insightful, Whitley. Thank you.

  13. I hope I’m posting this in
    I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I listened to the show a while ago, and I’m interested chiefly in the wolfmen or mandogs. Then I saw a segment on the news about police dogs getting bulletproof vests and they were referring to them as canine officers. One police officer who almost lost his furry partner to a bullet, said that he felt that he had taken that bullet as well. This brings me to a creepy idea. Maybe some of the mandogs are paranormal and they are officers & servicepeople or even disabled people coming back joined with their dogs. No disrespect, I love dogs and have a rescued German Shepherd who is the 3rd dog I’ve owned on my own & he just turned 12 but after hearing that guy talk about the bond, it makes me wonder.

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