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Linda Moulton Howe has been waiting almost her entire career to be able to tell this incredible story.

A firsthand witness from Ellsberg Air Force Base finally speaks out, revealing that long-heard rumors are true: UFOs used to regularly shut down missile bases, as often as six or seven times a year from the 1960s. He also recounts the chilling and extraordinary story of a security guard who was abducted, then on his reappearance quickly transferred from the base and, within a year, discharged from the Air Force.

This interview contains some amazing revelations, don’t miss a single word!

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  1. Decades ago, at a family
    Decades ago, at a family reunion, relatives told me about similar occurrences at the Minot Air Force Base, where they lived at the time. I hadn’t heard of this happening before I talked with them. Now we are hearing that it was fairly ubiquitous. I wonder if it is still happening.

  2. To me the message is
    To me the message is unfailingly clear:

    –‘Your nuclear arsenals are useless’. Think of the money we could save by decommissioning all these weapons… Unfortunately this will never happen.

    If any nuclear power would take this offer then maybe the Visitors would feel we are ready to accept their presence and make open contact. (again, never happen).

  3. All very interesting. Just
    All very interesting. Just wondering why there wasn’t intervention when the bombs were dropped on Japan. The “entities” would have known about out nuclear capabilities in advance of that event as there was various testing prior to the bombs being dropped.

  4. Yes, Francis has a good
    Yes, Francis has a good point. Why no interference with the bombings in Japan?

  5. Two possibilities:
    1. They

    Two possibilities:

    1. They couldn’t. -‘Little Boy’ was an extremely simple configuration so it would be difficult to interfere with it’s operation. Also, if the first detonation at Trinity was a signal of what we had become capable of, it was only a few weeks later that they were first used as weapons.

    2. They didn’t care. -The two devices dropped on Japan didn’t have the capacity to annihilate the entire human race and ruin the whole planet.

  6. Additionally, if L. Ron
    Additionally, if L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons didn’t fumble Crowley’s Amalantra Working until ’46 or ’47 then the portal they left open didn’t yet exist at the end of WWII. (Tongue slightly held in cheek).

  7. I think it’s important to
    I think it’s important to think of all of this in terms of the entire planet, not just mankind and his interests. WWII, not just the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, was huge in terms of the way we evolved technologically and also with the sheer number of human beings slaughtered in the name of prejudice, greed, and power. Why didn’t these, whatever they are, stop WWII? They observed a huge leap in our ability to harm not only ourselves, but other beings in the blink of an eye. That’s when they really started watching us more closely and got very concerned.

    Improved (?) nuclear weapons with a wider range, and The Cold War philosophy of mutual annihilation kicked it way up, because it meant we could not only destroy other human beings, but also take down much of the biosphere along with it. These beings aren’t just observing human behavior, they recognize how special this planet is and I feel that they would be willing to sacrifice us for the good of the planet, although they would prefer that we be part of the solution rather than the biggest problem in the future of this world. If we cannot take care of this planet, they certainly would not want us to become a space-faring species either.

    So, what should they do about us? Take us in the night and see what makes us tick, find ways to tweak our programming (genetic code), or perhaps inject a spiritual awakening in a select few, with the hope that those few will influence others?

    It’s a mystery, but I do not think of them as enemies. If they just wanted to get rid of us, they could have done it easily a long time ago. Are they to the point of phasing us out by replacing us with a more spiritually evolved human or other species through which they can experience our reality?

    There are lots of questions, and no apparent answers are forthcoming, although Linda Moulton-Howe has done much to give us ‘Glimpses of Other Realities’, and with more tenacity, intelligence, and courage than just about anyone out there.

  8. I was on board the nuclear
    I was on board the nuclear submarine USS Casimir Pulaski SSBN633 in October 1973 when the nation was put on nuclear alert — DEFCON 3 — because Syria and Egypt invaded Israel in what became known as the Yom Kippur War which quickly escalated into nuclear saber rattling between the USA and USSR. I cannot report anything unusual, other than the elevated defense condition, but the diplomatic brakes were certainly put on and tensions quickly eased. Could the change in targeting data have been a demonstration by an outside influence, therefore the reason behind that easing in tensions?

  9. I am not sure that direct
    I am not sure that direct intervention would ever happen. Warnings, yes, but not forcible restraint in this or anything else. Our world is our responsibility. I know from the great care that was taken in choosing me over, say, Carl Sagan, to do what I do that the visitors are very concerned with not interrupting our right to make choices on our own. If they had gone to a great scientist, everybody would have been compelled to believe. Instead they went to a horror novelist, but one who was also articulate enough to carry their message. Thus, people who want to listen can, but there is no compulsion. I think that’s a rule: no compulsion. They will warn us about nuclear dangers but not stop us if we don’t heed the warning. Ditto climate and all the rest of it.

    I have wondered if they would stop natural catastrophes such as asteroid strikes or devastating solar explosions, and if this can be done without our knowing it, I think its possible that they might. As an example, the sun has become quiet just as our environment is reaching a disastrous tipping point. Is that just good luck, or intervention on their part? The SOHO satellites have recorded quite a few unexplained objects around the sun in recent years. I don’t believe that all of them can be explained away as video artifacts.

  10. There are some interesting
    There are some interesting questions and answers here. The one thing most of the folks are missing, though, is that the Universe has an absolute non-intervention policy. Thus, we CHOSE to have WWII, which included nuking Japan, but that was also a wake-up call to intergalactic species who monitor Earth. Because Earth and it’s inhabitants are going through an incredible change – an ending of the great cycle, and a rising of the vibration, there is now an agreed upon moratorium on Earth’s efforts to annihilate all life and thus a prevention of any nuclear war breaking out. As more and more humans become aware of our spiritual nature and unity with all, the power of these people is adding incredibly to the positive changes that are taking place. Whitley’s comments here are right on.

  11. If the Visitors had gone to
    If the Visitors had gone to Carl Sagan his head would have exploded.

  12. His head would have exploded
    His head would have exploded into “billions and billions” of pieces. :-○

  13. Here is a plug for you—-
    Here is a plug for you—- they don’t care and if they did look at all the south pacific testing radiation that would– but wait … different level It’s all about light! your soul is about your measure of light,,, how bout them dreams! concentrate! Our home is next!

  14. Here is another plug though.
    Here is another plug though. If they can disable nuclear warhead silos, than they should be able to prevent or clean up Cherynobel and Fukushima incidents. Perhaps though these aren’t the threats they seem to be however, Fukushima looks pretty gruesome. Maybe they are helping to clean up without our direct knowledge. Don’t forget the Gulf Of Mexico Oil spill of 2010, for that matter all major or minor environmental incidents which have a negative effect on the environment and the gene pools of species.

  15. But yes, I agree with Whitley
    But yes, I agree with Whitley after reading the comment(s). Our planet is ultimately our responsibility.

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