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Dr. John Alexander believes that UFOs are real, physical objects, but then he departs from the conventional wisdom that they must therefore be alien space craft and asks some much larger questions. Why, over the entire modern history of the phenomenon, have we made so little progress in understanding them? If there is a government cover-up, where is it? If there could be official disclosure, what might it actually consist of?

In this hard-hitting interview Whitley Strieber and John Alexander, who have known each other for over 20 years, agree to disagree about such things as the Roswell Incident, but they both ask the question: why isn’t this amazing phenomenon studied, and how might we go about changing the atmosphere of ridicule that now exists in the scientific community and the media to one that is open to the mystery of this very real phenomenon?

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  1. Interesting listen with Jim
    Interesting listen with Jim Marrs and John Alexander, if they were any further apart on their view they would be living a different planets.

    I am disappointed in Alexander, he sounds like a debunker to me. Hard to believe he doesn’t think the U.S. Government has any policies or agenda on UFO’s. He’s saying that all the serious researchers out there are wrong including Jim Marrs.

    There has been a major change in Alexander, sounds like someone or something has gotten to him.

    Having said that, it was great hearing Jim Marrs again, come back soon. 🙂

  2. John Alexander made great
    John Alexander made great points that we in the UFO community easily overlook: The UFO community is a very small minority of the population. Obsession is one of the characteristics UFO experiencers often display. Obsession that other people absolutely must recognize and understand one’s personal experience is self-centered and childish, if not narcissistic. I speak as a UFO experiencer who has known many UFO experiencers. The UFO community as a whole does plenty of damage to itself. John Alexander portrayed views and motives of the majority about UFOs quite well. Jim Marrs agreed with him on key points.

    Alexander’s observations of consciousness in UFO-related matters, telekinesis, remote viewing, etc. were astute, and I agree with him heartily.

  3. Alert: the Link you have to
    Alert: the Link you have to Dr John B Alexander’s website is incorrect — it now takes you to a John Alexander’s website on real-estate flipping. I looked up your guest’s correct website address which is linked below:

  4. While John Alexander and
    While John Alexander and Whitley Strieber made some very good points about the complexity of the UFO issue, and the fact that government agencies may want the issue “to go away,” I am disappointed that Mr. Strieber did not ask Mr. Alexander about his view of Col. Philip Corso’s book, “The Day After Roswell.” This book outlined in copious detail what the Truman Administration’s response was to the Roswell crash, and how a lot of the UFO technology got “seeded” into government and industry R & D efforts. Corso claimed that no one every wrote anything down explicitly about UFO issues; that it was a secret agenda underlying our response to the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

  5. I do not know what to make of
    I do not know what to make of these interviews. Either John is a disinformant hired, still active in the millitary or he is just living on another planet. He sort of swept everything Mr Marrs has done out of the window and chuckled the same time.
    I simply could not listen to the whole interview because of this. I could not take John seriously. Whitley being polite as ever to his subjects, but i could sence he was struggling.

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