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We begin our exciting fall lineup with famed financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts, who tells us about the vast hidden drain on our wealth caused by the black budget, and how it might be used to finance far more even than the secret programs that it supposedly pays for. What sort of a burden has our government REALLY laid across our shoulders, and what means to the powers that be have of getting our money?

Among other things, Catherine explains scams are a favorite method of getting dark money for dark projects. For example, the regulatory authorities had to know about the Bernie Madoff scam for years before it was finally shut down. What hidden powers were being served by letting this and other such scams continue, and why did Madoff and others get shut down?

She also tells a completely amazing story about a unexplained surgical repair to her heart, which left her with a scar that she cannot explain. Then she and Whitley go on to discuss the ‘breakaway civilization’ that might be involved with us, and what it might be costing us.

This is Catherine Austin Fitts at her best and most candid!

Her website is Go to to learn more about her extraordinary work and subscribe to the Solari Report.

Upcoming on Dreamland: 9/11 Joseph Farrell, 9/18 JZKnight.

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  1. Great interviews! I wish they
    Great interviews! I wish they were an hour each! I do notice that she sometimes speaks a tad bit too fast so I have to repeat the section louder to try and understand a word here and there like when she mentions a name.

  2. Thanks for these important
    Thanks for these important (and riveting) interviews with Fitts. I realize that the following may be in the process of being addressed, but I noticed that (what is customarily) the higher-bandwidth version of the Subscriber interview is identical in size to the lower-bandwidth version. Will there be a higher-quality version at some point? Thanks again for the exciting Fall programming.

  3. I wish there were more
    I wish there were more interviews on subjects like aliens, and the unseen things.

  4. bring her back in a few
    bring her back in a few weeks. there is so much more for her to expand. And, make her a regular at least 4 times a year.

  5. Whaa?? Ms. Fitts woke up with
    Whaa?? Ms. Fitts woke up with a three inch scar on her chest from a possible surgery in her bed and no memory of it! Wow, her background and the topic of this interview give no indication of this sort of intervention.
    This made the interview very interesting, and the part about seeing the raven, (well) we all know what that points to…

    Apparently, your guest is a lot closer to the truth than maybe she is aware. Catherine, you are definitely on someone’s radar.
    Whitley, she is going to need some guidance at this point.

  6. The link to the regular
    The link to the regular bandwidth special interview only grabs the low-bandwidth version. Can we get the higher quality version please? My ears will thank you.

  7. These “big picture”
    These “big picture” interviews were terrific. I, too, would love to hear Catherine Austin Fitts as a regular guest on Dreamland.

    How do we break this black budget/breakaway civilization stranglehold on our planet?


  8. I’d like to ask both
    I’d like to ask both Catherine & Whitley where is the best place to 1. keep your money, & 2.where would you invest any extra? I use a main stream bank & also a credit union right now. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

  9. Thanks so much for this
    Thanks so much for this interview. I love both Whitley and Catherine. Between the two of you my insights into the real workings of our world just become more profound. I’ve been listening Dreamland almost since the beginning, and I remember when you, Whitley, took over the show. And I remember being really angry when you were taken off the radio. And Whitley you have a wonderful talent for bringing out what your guests really want to say, and reveal.

    1. Whitley certainly does have
      Whitley certainly does have that talent. Rare talent.

  10. Whitley or anyone, what is
    Whitley or anyone, what is the name of the economist Catherine referenced? She speaks so quickly and the sound from her phone is not the clearest I have ever heard so I can’t make it out.
    Also Whitley mentioned two charts in the Subscriber’s section? I can’t seem to locate them.
    By the way she also offers similar detail about the pre-knowledge of the 2004 tsunami in one of the two parts transcripts of an interview with her on search for unpacking…You might find the mp3s search for Guns and Butter unpacking Mr. global I think it is KPFK archives?

    1. I think it was Sir James
      I think it was Sir James Goldsmith.

  11. Thanks
    Thanks Dharmaryder!

    Even in 1994 Sir James Goldsmith talks about DERIVATIVES, our infrastructure, nuclear energy problems and so much more! How did I miss knowing about him? My oh my!

    “The Trap” most of the chapters on his website in pdf format except for two of them.

    Update 9/10 ~ While searching you can find numerous Catherine files on youtube on Alex Jones youtubes and several papers by and on Sir James Goldsmith. What a treasure he was. It was such a shame to lose him when he was most needed, even and especially now!

  12. Catherine Austin Fitt was
    Catherine Austin Fitt was right on apple said they are having an easier way to pay called apple pay Whitley as usual you are right on!!

  13. Her Solari Report
    Her Solari Report subscription is rather expensive! $30 a month here, $30 a month there, pretty soon you are talking someone who has discretionary income!

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