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Last week, close encounter witness ‘Sandy’ described some of the most powerful and complex experiences ever recorded anywhere. But could anything like this actually happen? This week, physics expert Ralph Steiner explains just why her experiences fit current scientific theory with uncanny accuracy.

As incredible as it sounds, Ralph explains that what she is describing actually fits current theories about the real structure of space-time. As long as the mind can perceive more than one world at the same time, what she is reporting could be real. Not only that, they are similar to something that happened to Whitley Strieber in 2007, as detailed in his journal entry, a Most Complex Encounter. But Sandy’s experiences go far beyond this. They are structured, physical and clearly remembered.

This is highly unusual and provocative information, don’t miss it!

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  1. The part of the discussion in
    The part of the discussion in the subscriber’s section regarding Bose-Einstein condensates and quantum entanglements parallels the lectures given by David Hudson and ORMEs. Does Brad have any thoughts regarding the white powder gold that people are experimenting with and if they are on the right track?

    According to Hudson these materials in the platinum group may superconduct at room temperature even inside human brain cells. Also superconductors may be able to encapsulate magnetic fields and this might explain the anomalies of Whitley’s alarm system.

  2. I think the pineal gland
    I think the pineal gland plays a large role in consciousness and even dreaming. My feeling is it is an energetic modulator that can engage other energies and tap into them and expand consciousness into other realms including the ethereal and spiritual and thus open the way to being in other worlds consciously without having to leave the earth. Otherworldly contact in this fashion isn’t given any credence in ufology but it is entirely possible. It seems if the pineal can be attuned properly these experiences (voyages) are possible and once they are over a readjustment brings one back to home base.

    1. @Roger – I hasten to remind
      @Roger – I hasten to remind you that Sandy said “they” were always diddling with her head and saying they were activating her. The head and pineal were focal points of symbolic representations in the earliest and most profound mystery schools, starting with Demeter in Crete and the Magna Mater, the Great Mother, Cybele in pre-Greek Arcadia and later in Rome. I give a lot of credence to the pineal as an electrochemical capacitor that enables the organic human to engage the Bose-Einstein condensate. In what we presently perceive as physical form energy is “where it’s at.” E= energy in Einstein’s mathematical symbols: E=MC (squared).

      In the alchemical human, activating the pineal is a natural process of full-spectrum light and brain chemistry. This natural function has been taken captive with a cornucopia of chemicals and unnatural conditions since Rockefeller invented the pharmaceutical industry. I have written about the potentials you mention many times, and excerpted below a little something you might like:

      “Jungian psychology argues that some symbols have universal meaning derived from the collective unconscious. Jung reminds us that the head or skull served as the transmuting vessel for the alchemist. For the Greek alchemists, the same equivalence existed between the “Stone-brain,” i.e. the Philosopher’s Stone and the “Stone which is not a stone”, i.e. the brain.

      “Jung clarified that the hermetical vessel is of the highest importance: “For the alchemist the vessel is something truly marvelous…it must be completely round, in imitation of the spherical cosmos…It is a kind of matrix or uterus from which the filius philosophorum, the miraculous stone, is to be born”. (“Psychology and Alchemy,” Collected Works, Vol. 12) The vessel is as important as the prima materia, which, in turn, is assimilated to the outcome of the Philosopher’s Stone. We may thus understand why the head, the spherical body is, at one and the same time, the Philosopher’s Stone: head, and hence spirit. In fact, the alchemical treatise Artis Auriferae reminds us that the brain is the space where the Royal Marriage is realized and consummated. (Arturo Schwarz, “Ofer Lellouche and the Alchemical Skull”)”

      Carry on, dear man.

  3. The things that Sandy talked
    The things that Sandy talked about are starting to happen all over. The same thing happened to me last summer, but I physically appeared to somebody in our time stream. The person thought I might be a ghost and called to make sure I was still alive. It was really weird getting a call to ask if I was alive and well. A similar thing happened with another person in the same week, and he emailed me to find out if I had sent him a telepathic message. In his place on the other side of the USA, had actually felt my thought about him.

    I had not intended to create impacts like those on the people, both of whom I know very well, but I had been thinking about them with the intention of communicating them.

    We do things like this all the time, but the difference is that we are now gaining higher awareness of just how we make the world go around. Why this awareness is happening now is the bigger story.

  4. As regards President Truman’s
    As regards President Truman’s insidious role in creating the national security state, it behooves us to remember the Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) hand-picked Truman to take over as president because FDR was fully aware he was dying in his last presidential election. To FDR’s shame, he was determined to hold onto control regardless of consequences and carefully hid his soon-coming death from voters.

    FDR picked Truman for vice president because he knew Truman would drop the atomic bomb after FDR died. FDR and Truman were both shady in their own rights. If anyone wonders how shady FDR was, just ask his wife Eleanor Roosevelt. She didn’t pull any punches about her husband’s ethics and morality.

    Truman could be trusted to drop the atomic bomb after FDR’s death, and he was aligned with Curtis LeMay’s love of carpet bombing. Truman and LeMay were birds of a feather.

    When I asked a UFO contact whether or not FDR really manipulated the American people to get the USA into World War II, the ET laughed and said, “Those Roosevelt boys were always looking for a war.” It was one of the most shocking statements I ever heard an ET make, because it showed high awareness of Earth’s politics AND the view that humanity is incredibly childish in its current state of evolution.

    Imagine viewing Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt as “the Roosevelt boys.” The statement stopped me in my tracks. The ET continued the conversation by saying that one of the good things that came out of World War II was that it put Ike Eisenhower into the spotlight.

    By that time my worldview was melting down so fast I did not dare ask more questions about world history. I was convinced the ET was what he said he was. I had the awful sense that ET had known from the gate where we were heading with the politics of the atomic bomb, and would let us go our merry way until we run out of options, like the Nazis tanks that ran out of fuel to roll another mile at the Battle of the Bulge. At that precise time, the Nazi elite were moving personnel and supplies to the Antarctic.

    It was an eery sense that ET can see the blind man’s bluff that drives human politics and economics, and will pick up the pieces in terms of their agendas when the tanks, bombs, black projects run out of fuel and options. Then the things we should have known but ignored and the things we should have done but didn’t will come falling down on top of the national security state. That part of civilization goes to square one, or worse, and it is entirely of humanity’s making.

    1. Phyllis, I would like to ask.
      Phyllis, I would like to ask. Did you ask the E R s whst kind of world we would be living in if the Japanese Empire and the Nazi plague were not stopped? I do realize t hat through Operation Paperclip we trsnsposed fascism into our system of government. I also believe that ETs msy have been adriving force behind German technology. So , without being rude in any way, were you given incites into that possible future?

  5. Is it just me, or does anyone
    Is it just me, or does anyone else recall seeing these shows posted some months ago?

    Now, I understand that they are recent, but I recognised both “Physical Movement to Other Planets” and “Time, the Visitors and the Future of Man” instantly when I just sat down to grab this week’s show.

    There’s no confusion at all.. I distinctly recall seeing these shows posted during the summer. Most interesting.

  6. “Are you time-tripping again,
    “Are you time-tripping again, Billy?”

  7. Don’t be fooled their are
    Don’t be fooled their are many ways to time travel with a time machine or without one. Physical movement backwards or forwards through time can be accomplished with a time machine and yes you can take your device with you. This nonsense of having to leave it engaged to keep the time loop open is wrong again. How can so many make so many hypothetical assumptions about something they have never experienced and than rigidly stick to their ideas like they really know? Intellectual pride and snobs are everywhere. Many of these assumptions are unfounded and exist only in someones imaginative mind because they think they know better. When you experience the reality of time travel than you have some bases to talk and create your theories. Their are different means and avenues to time travel and its an ongoing and developing science with “many others”.

  8. Von Hausenberg: It’s deja vu
    Von Hausenberg: It’s deja vu all over again. 🙂

    Many topics on Dreamland are being revisited, and I have had your experience more than once. It is only after I begin listening to the show that I realize, “Oh, this is a new one.” I felt the same way when I saw that ‘Revelations’ was doing an interview about Omm Sety this week. At first I thought it might be a re-run, but it was indeed a new interview. I also think that sometimes the titles of the show may be being used again, but with a different interview, but similar topic.

    And then there are all of those famous celebrities that die, and I swear I remember them dying a few years ago. Omar Sharif, are you like the cat with nine lives? 🙂

  9. I too have had the experience
    I too have had the experience of clearly remembering somebody had died and than years later this very person will resurface and will be alive again. The only explanation I can come up with is we as humans can shift and relocate to other timelines and yes this phenomena occurs more often than we realize. I also should have died a few times but was somehow miraculously saved and I wonder if this also involves a timeline shift or movement. Perhaps I did die but somehow shifted to another timeline where I’m currently alive but if this is so I wonder how this mechanism operates and if you must first be able to achieve a higher consciousness to make the jump?

  10. Sounds like the environment
    Sounds like the environment that Sandy entered with many ruins and decrepit cars might not be a possible future, as Ralph suggests, but an alternate, co-existing present, a present in which technology for some reason fails. She describes the cars as old style, and it seems to me that if this were a possible future, the ruined technology would be more modern, otherwise it should be in a much more ruined state than she described. There is no reason why interdimensional experience need be along linear time – back or forward – or why some of the experiences with alternate realities might not be experiences with alternate realities, other probable realities that are also manifest. Perhaps every probability is somewhere manifested, and sometimes, individuals can consciously enter them. I think that’s what Roger and some others are also suggesting (above).

  11. There’s a new world on offer
    There’s a new world on offer if you can take it. What is implied by that statement from the visitors and how can we grasp and reach it? Perhaps these beings are trying to teach the initiates who are ready how to activate and connect to their higher self and are thereby showing some of us a few of the latent gifts we possess and convincing us how worthy this pursuit really is. I wonder if this was the real point of spiritual growth and advancement to begin with and religions stepped and clouded the truth?

  12. Whitley, I’m so glad you
    Whitley, I’m so glad you mentioned the Japanese. For some reason, we have been steered to investigate Nazi/UFO/Paperclip/Ratline, etc., and misdirected from investigating all that went on between the United States and Japan after WWII. Isn’t it strange how people are obsessed with the Nazis, while our secret agreements with the Japanese go unexplored? Why did we really allow their Emperor to live? Why do the Japanese continue to laugh at us over the atrocity of Pear Harbor? And now, as you mention, they are poisoning the entire Pacific Ocean and large numbers of U.S. citizens on the West Coast are going to die from cancer because of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and they just don’t seem to care one bit.

  13. 2014 is going to be so boring
    2014 is going to be so boring except of course for dreamland and I’ll plug ole George at c2c am. John said – Magical Mystery Tour– George, George, George, George ! ha!

      1. q as in the “omniesient guy
        q as in the “omniesient guy in star trek the new generation

  14. I don’t believe that the dark
    I don’t believe that the dark side is simply ignorance or a narrow minded point of view. The dark side depends upon a highly localized, slow spinning, dense type of energy. It feeds upon it, and it creates it as well. Dark matter may be part of the source, as well as deeper energies that exist below. The root chakra is part of these dense energetic forms. Creating and feeding upon dark energy will limit possibilities inherently. It will instill a type of psychology, based upon the limits of the parameters of the darkness. The person who delves into the darkness will begin to reflect the attitudes and qualities of the darkness. That’s the bad news—-darkness is not simply a part of the mind, it really exists as a part of the Universe. It is part of quantum density, there are energies which exist at different levels of quantum density. Some energies are more local, dense and limited, other energies are more expansive, non-local, and light. Like a person who is listening to a radio, one can decide to tune into which frequencies one wants. A person can listen to dark side radio. As one listens, one may become more entrained to the dark side if one believes it and accept it as part of his/her makeup. One may also decide to listen to the light side radio (dreamland?) 😉 When you listen to light side radio and live it, the dark side will begin to fade from your mind. Gradually, you will start to avoid the dark side more regularly.

    It’s time to stop denying that the dark side is indeed an energy. It exists, it is not just part of limited consciousness. It can be avoided the more and more one plugs into the light side of reality. You can choose to saturate yourself in darkness, or choose a lighter path.

    I think that the dark side may be the trap that the MOTK referred to in his conversation with Whitley. It is perhaps due to dark matter.

  15. “The Rate at which
    “The Rate at which Bifurcations Occur” is something I have rarely heard discussed. I believe this directly relates to quantum density, the amount of locality or superposition, an energy exhibits…..

    The depth of bifurcation is also a significant element to consider.

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