Wondrous contains 25 all new original cases of people who have had extensive UFO encounters. Published here for the first time, these true firsthand accounts cover the gamut of the UFO phenomenon: sightings, USOs, landings, face-to-face meetings with ETs, onboard UFO encounters, and whistleblower stories revealing shocking secrets the government doesn’t want you to know. Longtime UFO researcher Preston Dennett takes you on a fascinating journey deep into the heart of the unknown. These 25 startling and wondrous UFO encounters will change the way you view UFOs and these strange visitors to our planet.

--A schoolteacher encounters a 15-foot-tall mantis alien during a morning jog outside her home.

--A young couple expecting their first child discover that extraterrestrials have taken their baby.

--A dental assistant awakens to find bug-like aliens surrounding her bed.

--When weird alien symbols appear on her body, a therapist begins a journey that leads her to a shocking discovery.\


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