Throughout the ages, in text and in practices, secretly and openly, spiritual and mystical people focused on the central concept of the force of light. A recurrent idea is that spirit is light and trapped in the world of material or flesh and needs to be released in some way. Many mystics have created a path of illumination to allow our inherent genius of light be liberated to return to its ultimate source. The mystery is about who and what we are and how we might see our spiritual evolution. At the same time scientism seems to attack spiritual activity.

In the matrix the spirit lies
Destined to fight towards the light
To struggle in the harsh, hard brightness
To seek the subtle true light

This book is divided in two parts. The first part is an exploration that seeks to examine the approach within spirituality and mysticism to light in the context of scientific examination of light. The latter consists of lines, poetry or sutras. Poetic expression sets out the author's vision of a whole path of light reflecting perennial wisdom. Addressing mind and heart, the reader will find something that will help them reflect on their own beliefs or open an entirely new vista.

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