“Shelli Joye’s book raises one of the fundamental problems of philosophy--what is the display that appears to us when we look at ourselves and the world? Something does, and we call it mind or consciousness. This book claims that it is the electromagnetic field. Her book merits being read, pondered, and explored in reference to the ever-increasing storehouse of knowledge about the physical world in general and the electromagnetic field in particular.” (Ervin Laszlo, author of The Immortal Mind)

The Electromagnetic Brain is a bold, brave effort to pull together and present important alternative views to what has become the dominant paradigm in the fields of neuroscience and brain science--a paradigm that arbitrarily assumes that consciousness and the mind arise from physical, neuronal activity in the brain and that they are limited to these processes. The nature of consciousness or subjective awareness is a challenge to science and to much of what we take for granted in our ordinary lives. Joye’s work is thorough, extensive, well written, and fascinating. It will ultimately challenge its readers to examine who we truly are, and this is why it is so important.” (Menas C. Kafatos, Ph.D., coauthor of The Conscious Universe and You Are the Universe)

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