There is a force out there that could destroy our world in minutes. . . .

Solar flares—brief bursts of radiation from our sun—have always existed and have never been particularly dangerous. Nature hasn’t changed. But we have. By making our world so dependent on electricity delivered by huge, unprotected power grids we have inadvertently placed humanity at terrible risk. As bestselling author Whitley Strieber explores in this urgent new work, a powerful solar flare could demolish our electrical delivery system, wiping away centuries of civilization in minutes and drastically changing our world.

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  1. This is a great read. A true terror in our modern grid dependent world. Black Out by Ted Koppel ( the newscaster) was another great read in a similar vein but it is about EMF bomb destroying our grid.

    Ugly stuff either way it comes.

  2. Author

    I’m so glad you read it. Very very few were sold. If it wasn’t an e-book it would be a collectors item. For anyone who wants to read it, it’s available and the information in it is correct and useful.

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