Whitley Strieber

An exciting, joyous story of what happens when a new creature with a new mind, but as intelligent as us, comes into the world.

Found in a dying jungle, six strange babies are spirited off to the United States where a fantastic discovery is made.
Like us, they are hominids. They don't share our DNA but they're highly intelligent.

So they're animals--less than slaves, but as smart as us. This makes them incredibly valuable and the company that discovered them sees a fortune in the making by selling their offspring.

But not if primate expert Beth Cooke, brought in to get them to breed, and her Army Ranger husband Charlie have anything to say about it.

Will these brilliant captives get their chance to discover themselves, to look up at the stars, to be free...or will they become an animal commodity, bought and sold like cattle?

Get this extraordinary novel today and find out!

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  1. Thank you for this, Whitley, this was lovely. And a revelation to me that the bulk of visitations were in the 70’s and mostly petered out toward the end of the 80’s. I assumed that was just my experience and that most contactees were continuing to have visitations. My first remembered (and most terrifying) visitation was in 1971 and then the last– a very gentle, though still scary– visitation was in about 1986 or 87 (coincidentally, shortly before my reading Communion). I didn’t understand it at the time but, in retrospect, the last visitation feels like it was a kind of farewell.
    Happy Easter to all!

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