On a summer’s day, a group of Americans arrive at a chalet in Switzerland for a week on retreat with a rare guide. Each of them hears the call of the higher. Yet who among them, despite baggage and type, crosses the threshold to awaken? At any moment is there enough attention to join with the vital force of life? It’s a bumpy week. The tug of beliefs and self-image. Yet an indescribable energy, usually hidden, brings an entirely new state of being. As their guide puts it, “With attending to presence, allowing higher forces to enter, staying collected, returning, we can live in a new way.” Here are accounts, with a touch of humor, of contemporary heroes, sometimes “unskillful,” who taste real transformation when an unknown dimension suddenly opens. In these stories of the I AM, even as we are we rise. As Rumi says, “Something opens our wings.”

“The book is a perfect book…. A series of memoirs about inner work…. Each character…is led…to moments when everything drops away, when the inward nonsense clears up as if a thunderstorm were over…. The gentle guiding hand of LeClair, the clear one, is ever-present…. Every foible is our own foible…but they don't become burdens to carry or knives to wound ourselves with. They are flaws in our love that can still be loved… the opportunity to come back to something real…. The book quickly won me over, because Shaw has a delightful and subtle touch… a liberating lack of deadening weight and a loving sense of humor…. I AM STORIES is about people; all of us… about community; and thank God for that…. It is a superior idiot of a book.”
--Lee van Laer, Senior Editor of PARABOLA, doremishock.com

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