20 great cases from Preston Dennett, rich with multiple witness testimony, physical effects and other evidence!

  • A mother and son from Ohio find themselves taken onboard a UFO together and undergo a physical exam that will leave them searching for answers for the rest of their lives.
  • An English teacher in Peru sees a UFO with a beautiful human-looking ET inside it, and experiences missing time. Later he has many encounters with human-looking ETs and even flying humanoids.
  • A man from France is taken onboard a craft as a child and is shown another planet. This begins a lifelong contact with a variety of ETs that teach him many things about the universe.
  • A woman from California is visited by a tree spirit, ghosts, and little people, and also experiences missing time encounters and a wide variety of psychic events.
  • Two young boys from Canada meet a mysterious UFO contactee named Peter who sends them on an adventure that will forever change the course of their lives.

And many more!

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