“Intriguing, thought-provoking, and researched in impressive detail, Origins of the Gods presents a fascinating dossier of out-of-the-box thinking on the place of humanity in the universe.” — Graham Hancock, author of the New York Times bestseller America Before

“With clear-eyed objectivity and scholarship, this book fearlessly covers a vast array of subjects within the ‘jigsaw of paranormality.’ . . . An important book and instant classic.” — Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, authors of When God Had a Wife

“For years I have marveled at these two explorers and their passion for digging deeper into the mysteries surrounding the dimensions of life with its familiar and alien entities that live throughout. Their discoveries combined with an innate understanding of the paranormal have lifted us from our finite terrestrial consciousness into an infinite wondrous awareness. In this latest volume they chronicle the evolution of life in all its manifestations. An enlightening, fascinating, and astonishing read.” — John Van Auken, director of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)

“Collins and Little reveal extraordinarily unique and deeply meaningful patterns and information that have long been overlooked, and they accomplish their objective by looking where so many others have failed to look. These authors just may have shaken loose the formerly forbidden fruit from the true lost tree of knowledge.” — Brent Raynes, editor of Alternate Perceptions Magazine

“Reading Origins of the Gods has inspired me to take a road trip to visit the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado, Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, and Jewel Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Maybe take a side trip to Israel and Egypt? Only I’ll be leaving my iPhone, Kindle, Apple Watch, and other EMF-producing devices home for the holiday so that I can better tap into Earth’s ambient frequency. Thanks to this pair of intrepid researchers and fellow writers, I’ll be trying to recapture the mystery and magic of planet Earth, as did our ancient ancestors, whose mystical experiences--communicating with an intelligence greater than their own--is at the root of divine revelation.” — Sidney D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times bestselling author of A Cast of Killers and Edgar Cayce

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