A National Catastrophe

June 27, 2004
The outing of Valerie Plame in the column of Robert Novak has now led to the resignation of Jim Pavitt from the CIA. Mr. Pavitt was Valerie Plame?s superior. His work has been devastated by this catastrophic security leak, and... continued

The Day After Tomorrow–Watch Out!

May 28, 2004
We went to the premiere of the Day After Tomorrow with Art and Ramona earlier this week. It was a fabulous event, with the whole front of the Museum of Natural History turned into an arctic waste via the use... continued

Disaster in the Middle East

May 4, 2004
In January of 2003, I published a journal entry on this website in support of going to war against Saddam Hussein. The reason I offered then is even more valid now than it was then. It is that the west... continued

Sudden Climate Change Has Begun

April 24, 2004
As the currents in the world?s oceans show signs of slowing and the initial phases of sudden climate change become noticeable across the planet, ?The Day After Tomorrow,? the mega-movie inspired by The Coming Global Superstorm is due to hit... continued

The Most Important UFO Event Ever

April 14, 2004
In March of 1997, the Phoenix Lights burst onto the public stage, stunning the city, the country and eventually the world. What was not then known was that a noted local physician, Dr. Lynne Kitei, had been interacting with them... continued

The Secret of Real Faith

April 6, 2004
Nowadays, faith is a loaded word. But when hasn?t that been true? People have been getting themselves killed for one faith or another since earliest times. In ancient Rome, the emperor Nero lit the Vatican Gardens with torches made of... continued

Journey to Another World

March 12, 2004
As evening fell last February 16, we were driving across west Texas toward San Antonio, still about four hundred miles out. We were at a point where we could stay on IH-10 or turn off and take the old road,... continued

History’s Greatest Disaster Has Begun

January 27, 2004
The greatest environmental catastrophe in recorded history is now unfolding. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has announced that the North Atlantic Oscillation is failing, and, along with it, the Gulf Stream. The Institute has observed "the largest and most dramatic... continued

Shedding Light on the Dark Side, Part Two

December 7, 2003
The is part two of this journal entry. If you have not yet read part one, please click here. There is a complex process of contact taking place now in three areas: the British Midlands, the east central United States... continued

Shedding Light on the Dark Side

December 3, 2003
After I had my contact experience in 1985, I began to go out into the woods alone at night to see if there would be a response from the visitors. The initial contact had been pretty awful. I was terrified... continued