Whitley Strieber reads the Secret School. This beautiful audio production will provide you with hours of wonder, as Whitley takes you through his magical childhood in the Secret School, and the near-miracle of his discovery of the place, destroyed now, where its meetings had taken place nearly fifty years ago. Copyright (C) Walker & Collier, Inc. May be downloaded for personal use only, not uploading to any public site.

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  1. When I was growing up I
    When I was growing up I instinctively understood that the presence of kids was barely acknowledged by adults and that the things kids saw and heard were to be kept strictly secret, so secret in fact that my early childhood memories I later found buried in some deep, dark crevasse. Thank you, Whitley, for sharing those secret places and experiences of your childhood. In so doing you’ve taught the rest of us that we might somehow be able to share ours.

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