Last May, just before my tumor was discovered, we had a wonderful experience that has let Whitley and I to a new understanding of God–as Dog. Whitley was meditating and suddenly saw a dog from his childhood called Quagmire. Quag was always joyous even though he lived under very harsh conditions and was often struck by the father of the family, who had what we now know of as PTSD. But Quag just didn’t have a hating bone or an angry bone in his body. He was made of unconditional love, immediate forgiveness and pure joy.

The second Whitley reported this wonderful vision to me, I had an instantaneous insight: God as Dog. When I told him this, he said, ‘well, I’d need a sign.’ Shortly after, we went out to take a walk and there standing at the curb was a car with a vanity plate: QGMIRE. Whitley agreed, this definitely qualified as a sign, and God as Dog has been a marvelous part of our life ever since.

The next thing that happened was that my tumor was discovered and I had a surgery for it. We went to the Revelations Symposium shortly after that, with me using a wheelchair part of the time. I had the idea that we would say a prayer in Dog–woofing and barking away. Whitley was horrified that people wouldn’t get it, but boy did they ever get it. It was a hilarious, joyous and profoundly sacred moment–right out of Quagmire’s prayer book!

I’m on my way home from the hospital (again!!) on Friday, so, WOOF. (Pray with me, send me a woof back!)

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  2. Hooooowl, woof! Get better
    Hooooowl, woof! Get better and stay better!

  3. woof, woof.
    Love you lots,

    woof, woof.
    Love you lots, Anne. So glad to hear your voice and read it in print. Miraculous Journey was /is quite special. Bringing the reader to essence. Such love.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Such a blessing and gift.

  4. Works better if you have a
    Works better if you have a dog’s name. ;D WOOF!


  6. Anne ain’t kiddin’, the
    Anne ain’t kiddin’, the prayer went over really well at the Symposium. Imagine an audience of 120 people barking and howling away… It reminded me of Laughing Yoga, just more canine-oriented. 😀

  7. Woof and Aaahhhhooooohh! Woo
    Woof and Aaahhhhooooohh! Woo Woo Woo! One of my dogters is a blood hound, so that is from her! Bless your heart, Mrs. Streiber.

  8. Keeping you both in heart
    Keeping you both in heart lights! I had my brain tumor removed in 1980 and deal with how it has changed me permanently, physically and spiritually. Throughout the years since I keep my little doggie friend in memory and often hear him barking loud enough to wake me from sleep during the night, which he hardly ever did in life. Usually he didn’t, so when I hear him I know he’s still taking care of me. Blessings!

  9. Woo-hoo! so glad to hear
    Woo-hoo! so glad to hear from Anne ! Her diary reminds be of the car stickers a number of my doggie loving friends have that say “Dog is my co-pilot.” Bless you both, you are loved by so many people and it looks like some furry ones too!

  10. Anne, sending you lots of
    Anne, sending you lots of love and prayers.. woof! woof!

  11. Praying for you Anne! When a
    Praying for you Anne! When a dog looks into your eyes and you look into a dog’s eyes you see God! WOOF!, WOOF!

  12. Arf Woof Hooooooooowwwl and
    Arf Woof Hooooooooowwwl and especially Yip Grrrrrrrl! We love you! Welcome hoooooome.

  13. Bow wow and woof, woof and a
    Bow wow and woof, woof and a yip here and a yip there, everywhere a yip yip. My four babies are also sending you their meow, meow, meow, and meows. Our love for a speedy recovery and all that comes.

  14. Anne, I am keeping you in my
    Anne, I am keeping you in my prayers. I must say that you are an inspiration in that you never give up and always try to stay positive. I had the pleasure of meeting you and Whitley at a conference a few years ago and it was obvious that while Whitley does the writing, you are his muse. You have been a part of the wonderful books that he has written over the years that have informed (nonfiction) and entertained (fiction) so many of us.
    Good Luck on your surgery and God bless you and your family (especially if he appears as a loveable dog) -)

  15. A big WOOF, Anne, and I hope
    A big WOOF, Anne, and I hope this Easter sees you restored to health.

  16. Woof, Woof, and more Woofs!
    Woof, Woof, and more Woofs! I do hope the doctors got it all and you’ll be alright now. You are in my thoughts often and I know Qmire is with you. Happy Easter.

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