We’re having something unusual for people who live near the ocean: a heat wave. Surprisingly, Whitley (who grew up in Texas without air conditioning) is having a harder time bearing it that I am.

As the thermometer creeps up into the 80s and 90s, I get a inkling of what the future may be like for many of us here on Earth.

When we lived in New York, where it can get so cold, everyone tried to travel to the Caribbean in the winter in order to get some sun. We did it one year and found it a bore. We also went to Florida one winter, but discovered that it gets COLD down there too.

As soon as the weather warms up, New Yorkers all don their shorts and flip-flops (something that is almost the official uniform here in Los Angeles), despite the fact that the weather it’s usually still too chilly to bare one’s knees and toes. I always found this enthusiasm rather comical, just as I mocked the ladies who threw on their expensive fur coats at the first sign of cool-ish weather.

Whitley and I have discovered that one of the tricks for keeping cool is to take your shoes off as soon as you get home.

Then, when I need to put on my shoes and go out again, I notice that the people who pass me by seem to have been driven slightly mad by the heat–they’re all TALKING to themselves. In fact, SO MANY of them are doing this, that I wonder if I’ve somehow fallen into some kind of parallel universe populated by schizophrenics.

Suddenly I realize that these are people who are more techno-savvy that me–who are talking on their cell phones using ear an ear bud, while their actual phones are hidden away in their purses or pockets, so it only LOOKS as if they are babbling away into thin air.

I’d like to feel superior for keeping my own cell phone turned off and in my purse, but I really can’t, since I’ve actually "talked" to a light switch in the past.

Meanwhile, it’s so darned HOT here!

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  1. I always take my socks off
    I always take my socks off and switch to shorts (not gym shorts) when home. If I have to go outside then I have to put on long trousers, socks and shoes. Barefoot on teh internets is the way to go.

  2. Thank you Anne…..This
    Thank you Anne…..This really cracked me up because it reminded me of an incident that happened in my local grocery store several years ago. A woman was standing next to me and chatting away, I thought she was talking to me SO I started talking with her. Well, she turned and looked at me as though I was nuts…..In my own defense, I was not aware of ear buds. How embarrassing for me at that time BUT I did become aware of this new and crazy technology…..Thank you for the memory, WAY to funny.

  3. Cell Phone-Induced
    Cell Phone-Induced Schizophrenia? That’s right up there with the recent Texting Zombie epidemic…

  4. Ann, I have lived in Pacific
    Ann, I have lived in Pacific Palisades since 2006. It started getting colder up here, for me, in the winter of 2009. I too have noticed the summers getting warmer. This one we are now exiting has been the warmest of all. When I go down to Santa Monica from Montana Avenue to Pico Boulevard, I notice it is even warmer! I have lived near Montana and near Centinela; it has never been like this since 2000.

  5. Talked to a light switch I
    Talked to a light switch I sent you an email and then posted it on my humble little earthlink website:
    I talked about how my mother a “Woman” was treated and think “Eve” is really in reference to “Time” and Adam is really “Atom”
    I called William Henry and had a great time talking to Clare and then William who told me he had never gotten any on my emails 🙁
    Hope you like the email i posted as I did the same with William Henry’s as well

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