It’s very hard to predict earthquakes. So far, nobody has found a reliable method. There was just recently a major quake in Napa, the winemaking capital of California.

It didn’t reach us down here in southern California, but I ended up stuck in a laundry basket anyway. It turns out that there was a microquake literally right under our neighborhood at about the same time that the Napa quake hit.

I was just getting out of the shower, and suddenly I found myself sitting in the laundry. The way I had fallen, my feet weren’t touching the floor. The result was that I couldn’t get out. So I did the only thing I could do, which was to call Whitley.

But he didn’t hear me for about fifteen minutes. I was contemplating having to spend a couple of hours in there, until he noticed that I was missing. He became concerned about me not returning from the bathroom, and found me.

I was yelling ‘help,’ but I didn’t want to shout too loudly, for fear the neighbors would hear me and call the police. They might rescue cats from trees, but a nude woman stuck in a laundry basket didn’t strike me as a police matter.

Fortunately, I have a husband. He can’t hear worth a damn, but he does notice when I am not close by his side.

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  1. LOiL Annie!! I have a vivid
    LOiL Annie!! I have a vivid imagination so I could see you clearly stuck bum first in the laundry basket…. my husband can’t hear worth a shit either and I am not sure that he would even come looking for me LOL . Thanks for sharing Annie.

  2. So funny!
    So funny!

  3. Anne, what a
    Anne, what a visual…..Sometimes your Diary is even better then the I LOVE LUCY re-runs…..

  4. Years ago, my my dad talked
    Years ago, my my dad talked my grandmother into moving into one of those senior communities where the residents had lots of autonomy and total freedom to come and go as they please. They did have some safety features built into each apartment in case of a resident emergency. One day my grandmother, after a nice long soak in her bathtub, reached up for what she thought was the safety bar to assist herself out of the tub. What she didn’t realize was that she had pulled the emergency bar by mistake. The next thing she knew, she was pulling her 75 year-old naked self out of the tub when a a couple of well-intentioned employees of the facility burst in through the bathroom door to help her out.

    Grammy moved out a week later and back into a regular apartment. Besides the aforementioned incident, she also decided that she didn’t want to spend every day around “…all those old people” either. She lived alone and took care of herself in that same apartment until she was 96 years old.

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