When you have kids or grandkids, in this day of iPhone photos and videos, you are ALWAYS comparing pictures of the little ones with your friends and the people you meet. And, of course, your kids (or grandkids) are the most beautiful ones of all.

This thought reminds me of being in the hospital and giving birth to my own son thirty-five years ago, when I had a strange disease called pre-eclampsia, which is what probably led to my brain bleed in 2004, because it involves very high blood pressure and weakened a blood vessel in my brain.

I roomed with many wonderful women during the last trimester, which I spent in the hospital. One of them had become diabetic during pregnancy, which caused her to give birth to a blue baby. The baby then developed a condition called bilirubin, which turns babies yellow. Blue plus yellow equals green, so what she had was a green baby. Not just a little green. She was bright green.

Talk about aliens–she looked like one for sure. However, in the way of all parents, she thought that this was the most beautiful baby that had ever been born. She held her out to Whitley and me, saying ‘isn’t she beautiful?’ And, of course, we said an emphatic yes.

I was discussing mother’s day with a friend in Texas who I have known for forty years, and we agreed you’re always a mother, not only to your kids, but to some of the people you have ‘adopted’ over the years. For instance, she (a white woman) still feels that she’s a mother to the African-American boy who grew up motherless across the street from her home.

‘Just because someone’s all grown up doesn’t mean they don’t still need a mother‘, she told me wisely.

I’ve never forgotten that beautiful green baby, and my friend, who so enjoys her extended motherhood. I guess that there is something about being a mother that is just plain fun, so we women love to do it. Happy mother’s day, all you other moms, let’s remember each other and all the husbands and kids that revolve around us on this day. Don’t’cha just love it!?

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  1. A Wonderful, Blessed Mother’s
    A Wonderful, Blessed Mother’s Day to you, Anne – and to all the mothers, grandmothers, and those who mother those who are not “their own.” May we all show our gratitude for the gift of life and love we have received. And not forget our beautiful Mother Earth, who needs us to work with her and care for her. One of your, and Whitley’s greatest concerns.

  2. Anne, I am thinking of you
    Anne, I am thinking of you and sending only my best positive thoughts your way each evening as I say my goodnights.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Anne.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Anne.

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