I have another diary entry from Anne. Again, the subject is love and again it’s very original. It is the first time I have ever seen the concept that love is holographic. I find it quite astonishing and I dearly wish that it was in the Afterlife Revolution but it just came now. It is an extension of her thinking in the book, though, and attests to something I have sensed, which is that, in the afterlife, we grow and change and learn, just as we do in this one.

Anyway, it is truly beautiful. Anne writes:

When a lover embraces a lover or a parent a child, or any other love is expressed, it is all love. You may be living like Whitley and I did in a little, humble place, but when you express love, it is at once part of everything and everywhere. You a not only in love with one another, your love extends into all love and is everywhere, and is felt across even the farthest reaches of space and time.

This is something that I have learned that is new to me, that love is holographic and all love is as powerful and important on the largest scale of existence as it is on the smallest. This means that even the smallest fragment of love is of enormous importance, because it reveals the joyous vibration of the whole of reality.

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  1. Hi Whitley: My wife
    Hi Whitley: My wife transitioned in June of last year. While it has been incredibly painful, good has come out of it in my own personal growth. I have had several amazing contacts from my wife that are a comfort. Thanks to you and Anne I now understand how difficult it is to come through to us. But i think the love is so strong from them they find a way.

    Whitley i read The Afterlife Revolution and I think it is very clear that Anne is a terrific co-writer with a lot of powerful messages on how to build the bridge. There is so much to think about. I will definitely read it again (something i never do). But this is so important for us to understand. Thank you and Anne for sharing it with us.

  2. There are countless ways love
    There are countless ways love can be manifested on this tiny little speck of a planet and I can’t even begin to wonder what other ways this all-encompassing force can be expressed across the vastness of the universe, on so many planes, so many realities.

  3. Beautiful

  4. When my identical twin sister
    When my identical twin sister told me she had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, pain filled my heart and it was even difficult to swallow. I received no comfort in my usual ways. I even became physically ill with weird pain and strange symptoms. It was difficult for me to pray, though I have always felt comfort in that. I heard something at the door one day and reluctantly got up to answer it. By the time I reached it, no one was there. On the porch lay a book-sized envelope and inside was your book, Anne and Whitley, The After Life Revolution. I had pre-ordered it and forgot it was coming. I think Anne’s hand was in the delivery. Thank you both for this extraordinary book. Balm for my heart and for anyone else facing loss of a loved one. We truly don’t lose them.

    1. I have just been through all
      I have just been through all of this. So far, my loving partner has beaten cancer. I did sort of what I might call a prayer roundup, using social media to get as much positive energy coming our way as possible. I believe the prayer allowed a great healing to take place. The power of prayer is real and I send it to you and your sister. Don’t doubt it. God bless you both, Amen.

  5. Can any one on this site
    Can any one on this site actually be suckered into clicking one of the links posted by ‘wiolm jamni’? lol

    I will copy Anne’s words in this diary to the back of my copy of Afterlife Revolution. Beautiful.

  6. Sad for his passing, but what
    Sad for his passing, but what a great light. And are the message boards all gone now? I can google and access them but not on the header for this site??? Thanks

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