As I sit in a wheelchair and cannot go a foot on my own, I use sounds to inform me of what’s happening around me. For example, I use what I call the "Smoochie Alarm" to let me know when my caregivers are arriving. (Smoochie is my downstairs neighbor’s very cute little poodle mix.) When I hear the Smoochie Alarm followed by footsteps on our stairs, I know that relief is on the way!

I’ve begun to notice lots of other sounds around me. For example, there are planes that pass over on schedules, and I’ve come to recognize them by the time they appear and the different sounds of their engines. Listening to them reminds me of travel and the lure of far away places. But we aren’t going much farther than across town right now! Still, I so fondly remember my days of travel, of seeing Paris and Prague, and moments like standing for the first time in a crop circle near Devises in England.

Still, I love what I have of life and I’m grateful to still be here so long after I was supposed to have moved on!

Speaking of dogs–or Dawgs!–take a look on Amazon at the FANTABULOUS reviews Whitley’s lovely new book "The Journey to Dog Heaven" is getting! To take a look, click here. Also, his reading for the audiobook is just plain amazing. My hub can act! To listen to a sample, click here.

(And yes, I’m giving him a plug. He is brilliant and has done something wonderful, and he deserves it!)

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  1. How beautiful, Anne ~ I am
    How beautiful, Anne ~ I am glad that sounds are there to guide you and also provide interest. We are all glad you are still here also ~ Blessings

  2. so glad you have setup a
    so glad you have setup a routine for yourself they help with the healing too. whitley deserves all the plugs you can give him and so do you. i love that he took a hard working cattle dog to be the hero of the story. i am not a bit surprised he can act, wouldn’t it be great if he got an occasional guest star role on his alien hunters syfy show? so cool. ann, i thank you for inspiring me to make more regular entries in my journal. if you can keep up with your diary-i have no excuse. love to you and yours.

  3. Your journal gives insight to
    Your journal gives insight to all who may have (past,present, future) a loved one recovering from a stroke. Although every person is unique, it helps folks understand the experience and recovery, much like Jill Bolte Taylor’s book.

    It is quite important what you write here. As i see it, you are teaching us more about “being” and “doing” as separate ways we are in this life. Whether we prepare for it or not, many will find ourselves quite unable to “act upon this world” in physical ways we are used to.

    The work you & Whitley have done, especially meditation, are tools & necessities.

    I think you still have work to do, and i am very glad of that, though i have no idea what it be, i am sure part of it is all you are for Whitley, your family, and us. Thank you Anne. We love you dearly. Many prayers for you, Whitley & family.

  4. I can really relate to the
    I can really relate to the “Smoochie Alarm” you wrote about, Anne. I’m semi-housebound myself at the present time and our neighbor’s dogs, Doc and Grayson, always alert me to approaching guests. 🙂

    We’re grateful you’re still here as well. Much love to you, Anne.

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