On the 5th Anniversary of Anne Strieber’s passing, we would like to repost the last diary she wrote in her own hand:

I just finished watching one of my favorite films, “Ghostbusters,” on TV. It made me realize that we’ve interviewed REAL ghost watchers on Dreamland. This has gotten me thinking about ghosts, just in general. (Subscribers can still listen to the great shows under that link, brimming with excitement, wonder and joy.) And hey, if you’re not one yet, we need you! To get started, click here.

When Whitley and I moved into our current apartment, we both noticed an old lady in a wheelchair in the entryway. Then it turned out that such an old lady had been living in the apartment before we got it. She had lived here for years, and died here.

Whitley and I see ghosts all the time. Whitley especially sees them. When friends die, he often knows that it has happened within minutes, because their ghosts show up! Ghosts are not necessarily simply people without bodies, but I think that they could be their essences, which we see either when they stay on Earth, or just as they are leaving. Persistent ghosts tend to be repetitive, appearing again and again in the same way. To me, this suggests that they are something left behind, probably that has little consciousness. But the ones that have passed through here just after death were conscious and very aware of what they are doing and who they are with.

They move fast, though, racing past at high speed. For example, one of them, who was a mathematician and scientist, identified himself to Whitley by using a calculator while he stood in the middle of the room. Whitley said, “John died.” (He had cancer.) The next day, we got the news.

He once saw a famous skeptic and atheist whom he knew pretty well. The man looked at him and said, “I didn’t understand something.” No, he didn’t! Another one, a scientist, appeared beside our bed early one morning, glared at Whitley and screamed. We had known him a little bit, but we knew the woman who had raised him very well. We actually knew a lot about him. The next day, his death was announced in the papers.

I could go on and on about these apparitions. I love life, but I’m also fascinated with what is to come. Remember, have fun no matter how much is working against you, and have joy!

A note from Whitley Strieber: When Anne wrote this, neither of us had any idea she would pass in a few days. The last line is essential Anne, the last words her mantra: “have joy!”

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  1. Good advice, Anne, will do!
    Good advice, Anne, will do!

  2. Thank you Anne. I will have
    Thank you Anne. I will have fun and I wish it back to you. A saying came to me the other day- LIVE HAPPY and then I entered a store, about 10 minutes later, and low and behold it was on a door mat.

  3. Whitley, I just read the
    Whitley, I just read the Unknown Country Newsletter.

    Anne, for whatever distress you are suffering at this time, I want you to know that both YOU and WHITLEY are in my thoughts and prayers. I just wish you did not have to suffer so much at this time in your life; somehow it just doesn’t seem fair. At times “HAVING JOY” can be an emotional struggle.

    1. amen and amen
      amen and amen

  4. Anne, interesting diary. So
    Anne, interesting diary. So much i didn’t know anything about, not having any experience in this. Gold nuggets for reference when i read or hear others talking about ghosts. Thanks.
    I’m with Carolee.
    Anne, you bring so much to us through your diary, and in shows with questions/comments you ask. Although your name is Anne, … you certainly could be named “wise woman of beauty and joy.”

  5. Just revisiting this diary…
    Just revisiting this diary… how appropriate that Anne’s last written contribution to Unknown Country ends with “have joy”.

  6. BIG celebration on the other
    BIG celebration on the other side! Thank you Anne

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