I’ve been thinking again about angels. Actually, I think about them a lot. A big part of the reason is that both Whitley and I have had angel experiences. I have written about the angel I saw in a Kinko’s a few years back. He told Whitley that ‘your wife will live a long time and you will taste of the water and the wine." If he was referring to the parable of the Marriage Feast at Cana, and how it symbolizes a good marriage, then we certainly have tasted the sweetness of the water and the depth of the wine.

Whitley also had an angel experience once. In the early nineties we were driving toward our cabin when our fancy Volvo suddenly died. He manhandled it over to the side of the road and after a couple of minutes, it started up again. Relieved, we continued on to the tollbooth, which was about a mile away, and went on to the New York State Thruway and then along back roads to the cabin.

Years later, we visited a medium at the Lily Dale Assembly, the summer village of the Spiritualist Church of America. We had readings from a psychic there, Gregory Kehn, who proceeded to say to Whitley, "do you remember the time your car died on the highway?" He was pretty astonished because it was such a direct question and not one the man could have known to ask. Whitley said yes, and Kehn proceeded to explain that his guardian angel had stopped the car because there was a carload of people on the Thruway who would have recognized us, followed us home and killed us.

Whitley was telling this story to our son a few days later, driving the same car. He concluded by saying,"if I going to believe a thing like that, I’d need some sort of a sign." At once the Volvo died again! Once again, it started up a few moments later. Those two incidents were the only times that car died in the years that we had it.

This gets me to an old TV series I’ve really been enjoying on Netflix: Saving Grace. The show is all but forgotten now, but it’s got an angel in it called Earl, and Earl sort of reminds me of our angels, wise and protective and amazing.

So, right now, Saving Grace is my favorite show. It won’t be for long, though. When SyFy starts airing Hunters, based on Whitley’s Alien Hunter books, it’s going to be my new favorite!

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  1. Great diary post. There
    Great diary post. There definitely is some sort of intervention at times! I have heard it said that the angels leave above 65/mph! Actually, I don’t think they do though.

  2. So good to see you post
    So good to see you post again, Anne.

    I have asked angels for help a long time. I do not hide it from family, and i know often they think i’m nuts when i tell them something specific was the angels. Every time i say thank you. You wouldn’t believe how many times i have been surprised by love.

    I wasn’t brought up to believe or not to believe in angles. I think i have seen them a couple times. I have heard a voice speak into my ear when no one was visible or even in the room. I have been “given” knowledge about things which i could not have known.

    My mother and one of my brothers have had visible help and saw angels. My mother spoke in the late 60’s or very early 70′ about seeing an 2 aliens walk through the living room with a dead person between them. Don’t remember who the dead person was, but the aliens was a surprise from her! Until you spoke about that, i never heard it again.

    I am waiting impatiently for Syfy show based on Whitley’s books. The books were soooo good.

    Stay well Anne. Sending lots of love and continued healing to you and Whitley.

  3. Just saw i typed ” angles”
    Just saw i typed ” angles” above; i believe i have seen circles too!

  4. You are sooooo amazing….
    You are sooooo amazing…. Sometimes I feel like I can`t contribute because nothing exciting has happened to me but after listening over the years I sure know truth is stranger than fiction. God bless you and Whitley..you are both so very special!!!

  5. I’ve also experienced a few
    I’ve also experienced a few angelic interventions in my life as well, and I pray daily for protection for my husband and my grown children.

    It’s so good to see you writing again, Anne.

  6. Wonderful sweet post on
    Wonderful sweet post on Angels.. Oh, yes they are real! Oh, yes they are here! <3
    Love, Joy, and Health to you, Anne

  7. Angels are messengers; they
    Angels are messengers; they point us to the open door but do not compel us to enter until we know it’s the right time. That is, they are with us to make and keep us free. Any voice that constrains and impedes the unfolding of our life is not a good angel. May yours always be good!

  8. Ann, it made my night to see
    Ann, it made my night to see you post something again! 🙂
    I have had you and Whitley in my thoughts and prayers constantly, and don’t mind embarrassing you both by saying I think you both are really a gift to this world in more ways than one!
    I don’t know what to think about angels though..maybe they are real but not from ‘heaven/god’ and perhaps they are not all powerful in every instance and situation, maybe certain unknown variables have to be in place for them to get a chance to help us? Otherwise how do we explain all the other innocent people who are killed horribly by murder, are all those people pre destined to be martyrs? I dunno…

  9. Interesting? synchronicity .
    Interesting? synchronicity . . . the day I busted my wrist I was visiting a friend who owns a shop in town. We were talking when a woman came into the shop who looked (to me) exactly like Anne (sans wig). I cldn’t help staring at her — even went to use the bathroom because I didn’t want to appear rude. Later that day I broke my wrist. I cldn’t help but wonder if the “Anne” I saw was telling? me that the angels wld be with me — just as I pray continually that the angels are with her — protecting her and help her heal during his illness and recovery.

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