Two close friends of mine are about to go to a talk by a well- known UFO researcher, and I am filled with trepidation about them. I’ve warned them not to tell this person that they know Whitley and me, because he has lashed out at us personally many times in the past. He is a major proponent of the “evil alien” theory.

I recently wrote about how childhood sexual abuse seems to open a window into contact with the Visitors. I’ve also noticed that Visitor contact as an adult seems to be a kind of mirror that allows you to see yourself AS YOU REALLY ARE, if you can take it. Too many people can’t stand what they see, and quickly look away. Because this image is so negative, they brand the Visitors as “evil,” when what they are really reacting to is their own reflection.

I’ve read approximately half a million letters from people who have had close personal contact with ETs and very few of them thought they were evil. On the contrary, most people thought of their contacts as a transformative experience, akin to a religious epiphany. I think the people who say the visitors are “evil” are really talking about THEMSELVES, although they don’t realize it.

The Visitors can definitely function as a kind of mirror that reflects the truth about yourself. You can’t hide the truth from them and they not only reveal the truth about yourself to YOU (if you pay attention); the way you react to them reveals who you really are to everyone else around you (if THEY pay attention). In other words, when you talk about the Visitors, you are standing in the spotlight in “the Emperor’s new clothes:” naked, for everyone to see (you may remember that children’s tale of the vain Emperor who wasn’t satisfied with anything he had to wear, so he was eventually tricked into going out with no clothes on).

That’s the reason I dread the kind of “official” UFO talk my friends are going to hear. Various people will stand up and pontificate about the motivations of ETs, but instead of shedding light on who or what the Visitors are, they will be revealing EVERYTHING about themselves without being aware of it, and it’s often not a pretty sight.

As usual, Paul seems to have said it all. Paul was a very Romanized Jew, who brought Greek concepts, which the Romans valued highly, to what was then becoming Christianity. Many people think he imposed too many pre- digested ideas on what was basically a band a free-wheeling Jewish rebels who broke all the rules (by doing things such as picking ears of corn on the Sabbath). He also seems to have had some problems when it came to women, since he said they shouldn’t speak in church, despite the fact that some of the earliest Christian leaders were female. But no matter what one thinks of Paul, he redeemed himself with his famous “love” passage in First Corinthians.

Paul said, “Now we look as if in a mirror, shrouded in mystery; but then we will see face to face. Now I partly discern; but then I will perceive the same way that I was perceived all along.” (This is from The Unvarnished New Testament translated by Andy Gaus).

He talks about what he thinks are the 3 main tenants of religion: faith, hope and love. Some of us may quibble about the first two, but I think everyone who is trying to stay on the spiritual path realizes that you can only walk on it with love. Then comes the most important part: “but the greatest of these is love.”

Any UFO investigator, philosopher or religious leader of any kind whose journey has not led him to this conclusion has been wasting his time, and his obsession with “evil,” whether it is evil people or evil aliens, reflects this truth back to the rest of us.

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