Many years ago, a psychologist contacted us who was an expert on near death experiences. From countless interviews with people who felt that they had died and returned, he had discovered that while many of them met deceased friends and relatives, others met the dark-eyed beings that Whitley calls the Visitors. He wanted to send out a questionnaire to people who had written to us about their UFO experiences.

We did not give him the addresses, but insisted that our secretary at that time, who was an abductee, be the one to send out the questionnaires. At the last minute, he added a question about childhood sexual abuse. Surprisingly, he found that a large proportion of people who had close encounters had also experienced sexual abuse.

This brought up the question: were their UFO memories actually screen memories of the abuse (in other words, was the sexual abuse too terrible to remember, so their minds couched it terms of aliens instead?)

But Whitley and I came up with a different theory. We postulated that sexual abuse?something that, by definition (in a child’s mind, anyway) is impossible but which is happening anyway?”cracks the cosmic egg.” In other words, it opens people’s minds up OTHER “impossible” experiences, and the Visitor experience certainly qualifies as one of those!

While child abuse is rampant in our society, every once in a while, we hear about a particularly poignant case of this, and as I write this diary, the newspapers are full of the story of a young boy who was missing for 5 years and has just been found, living with his abductor in an apartment in St. Louis, along with another young boy who had only just been taken. The fact that the older boy didn’t run away can be explained by what has come to be known as the Stockholm Syndrome, which means that these people are brainwashed by their kidnappers and eventually become advocates of their own incarceration. Patty Hearst was a famous example of this.

Are people who repeatedly have encounters with Visitors also victims of the Stockholm Syndrome? This would mean that they are being contacted, and maybe even controlled by, beings who want to exploit them, but who have convinced them that they have their welfare in mind. This would be true only if the Visitors are what we call evil.

In order to try to determine what the Visitors’ true motivations might be, I’m going to turn to one of the wisest people I know: the so-called Master of the Key, who came to Whitley in a Toronto hotel room at three a.m. on June 6, 1998. One of the things he said (on page 45) was, “Watch out for the thief.”

I assume he was referring to Matthew 24, where Jesus says, “So keep awake, because you don’t know what day your master is coming. This much you do know: if the owner of the house knew at what hour of the night the thief was coming, he?d stay awake and not let his house be tunneled into.” (This and the quote below are from The Unvarnished New Testament translated by Andy Gaus).

For those who have experienced sexual abuse, their ability to “stay awake” and fend off the “thief” who was stealing their sexuality was compromised by brainwashing, which came to them disguised as love. But just as I received the blessed gift of what I call “shamanic intuition” in exchange for almost dying two years ago, I think that in return for their childhood agony, these people receive the gift of being able to see, and interact with, the Visitors. And from the many letters from experiencers that I’ve read, I truly do believe that this is a gift.

It’s somewhat like the gift of a big new TV set, which is something you may have received (or wanted) for Christmas. Before you can use it, you need to take the trouble to hook it up and learn how it works. The gift of interaction with the Visitors is one that takes action on your part as well, mainly the action of interpretation. What message are they sending with their theatrics and cryptic messages? Why don’t they just TELL us what they want us to know?

It’s clearly because they want us to digest their messages and to make them our own by taking the effort to understand and interpret them. Jesus also did this, as he explained in Matthew 13: “This is why I talk to them in metaphors, so that when they see they don’t see, and when they hear they don?t hear or understand.”

Many UFO researchers and preachers have the same thing in common: they think they know the answers and they want to tell us what they are. But if we lose the question, we stop searching; we lose our footing on the spiritual path and end up lost in the dark woods of confusion that surround it.

People who have been abused as children and UFO witnesses have something in common as well: because they can’t ever answer the questions, they keep on searching. And while this can be frustrating, I think it’s that constant search that is the real path to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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