This video shows a strong infrared return of a triangular object at high altitude which either breaks up or stops emitting heat. (You can see it at the extreme bottom of the screen. Easiest to see using full screen setting.) Migratory birds can create the illusion of UFOs on infrared films, but no migratory bird flock would disintegrate like this. This is an interesting, unusual capture. Rated B.

This sensational UFO imagery has created a high level of interest. We sent it to our experts, expecting to hear back that it was a hoax. Instead, it turns out to have an 80% chance of being authentic.

The report:

The location is interesting. About 30 mi. west of Pt. Pleasant, WV. Historically that region has been a known window for bald-faced interdimensional hanky-panky going back at least a century. If this craft is real, and assuming a straight-line flight path and constant speed, it would have passed over the Pt. Pleasant area within the previous half-hour.

With that noted, here are some observations:

The image below was taken by Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, one of the last men to walk on the moon. A tight triangular formation of blue lights is clearly visible on the right side of the image above the sharply upsloping rise. This is not a cluster of stars and, given the fact that it is the only thing visible in an otherwise black sky, it must have been very bright. The bright surface of the moon has washed out any starlight.