This sensational UFO imagery has created a high level of interest. We sent it to our experts, expecting to hear back that it was a hoax. Instead, it turns out to have an 80% chance of being authentic.

The report:

The location is interesting. About 30 mi. west of Pt. Pleasant, WV. Historically that region has been a known window for bald-faced interdimensional hanky-panky going back at least a century. If this craft is real, and assuming a straight-line flight path and constant speed, it would have passed over the Pt. Pleasant area within the previous half-hour.

With that noted, here are some observations:

1) The video camera seems to autofocus a few times for no apparent reason, but it has a believable rhythm to it that doesn’t look like the grossly fake autofocusing we’ve seen in other videos.

2) The video cuts off before the craft disappears. But that could be a matter of the craft being invisible in the viewfinder at that point.

3) There’s an extreme difference between the strong sunset light coming from below and the evening sky above, yet we see no edge modeling at all. Granted, this thing could have an exotic nonreflective surface that could explain this.

4) The sharpest still photo, when zoomed in on, looks a bit too sharp to be real, in that it seems to have none of the magnified camera shake that one would expect in a handheld shot. On the other hand, the change in perspective from one still shot to the next seems perfectly natural and it seems to match that of the video.  The difference in color between the stills and the video isn’t an issue — there can be many legitimate reasons for that.

5) Interestingly, the left "wing" looks fatter and rounder than the right in both the stills and video, in a way that seems partially but not entirely explainable as a matter of perspective.

6) The narrator gets the name of the river wrong (it’s the Ohio River), so that’s neither here nor there.

We’d give this an 80% chance of being real. If it is, other videos might surface, but note that it’s dusk, and that — if we’re right about the craft’s trajectory and speed — it would have been passing over a mountainous, densely forested, lightly populated area for at least the previous half-hour and the subsequent half-hour.

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