Brilliant and innovative researcher Laurence Galian returns with a stunning new vision of Aleister Crowley,
known in his time as "the most evil man in the world." But was he really? Maybe that was just media hype and Crowley’s own attempt to draw interest to himself by creating sensation. And just maybe, behind it all, was a very different man,, a real magician, one of the most powerful and provocative ever known.
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When Whitley Strieber’s book ‘The Key‘ was published in 2001, on of the Master of the Key’s predictions was that there were other universes beyond our own, an idea generally discredited at the time. But now astrophysicists are theorizing that areas of the universe that are experiencing more rapid rates of expansion than others may have given rise to a multitude of pocket universes, perhaps even exhibiting their own laws of physics. A new study has found potential evidence that these pocket universes may have collided with our own in the distant past.
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Whitley Strieber reads his funny, eerie and wonderfully creepy story Mr. and Mrs Werewolf as a special Halloween treat for Unknowncountry subscribers! Settle back and listen as some very expensive Halloween costumes turn out to be more than expected. A LOT more! (Get ready to run!!)

Mr. and Mrs Werewolf first appeared in October Dreams II, A Celebration of more

A tourist from Scotland has recently taken a photograph of a mysterious sea creature, while visiting a cave in Corfu, Greece. The photograph has so far baffled experts, whom are unable to identify the creature.

The photographer, Harvey Robertson, had held his camera over the side of the boat, during a boat cruise in a sea cave, to get a picture of the water. He was unable to see what the camera was taking a picture of until he pulled the camera back in, of which revealed the image of the cryptic creature.
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