This world is full of things that are out of place and time. Incredibly, we take things like the Baghdad Battery for granted. Established archaeology prefers to ignore them. In fact, the Baghdad Battery disappeared during the Iraq War and, as Whitley Strieber comments here, "it will soon disappear from the textbooks, too."

From strange artifacts to time travel, Marie and Whitley discuss the fascinating evidence. Is there evidence that people from the past could see into the future? There are some things out there that seem to have no other explanation.
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A few weeks ago, I felt a ghost crawl into bed with me, and I somehow had the impression this ghost had been an actor. Since we’re only friendly with one actor–a female–I assumed that’s who it was. But a perusal of the internet and the obituaries revealed that she is, thankfully, very far from dead.

A few days later, I found myself at a funeral. As is the custom these days, people took turns standing up to tell stories about the deceased.
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Do secret, underground laboratories exist where ‘big brains’ work on secret inventions for unknown employers?

In her inspiring, provocative and sweeping book, White Lie, Anneke Koremans, aka Jeanne D’aout takes us inside the biggest secret in the western world. She is here today to talk about her book and the lure of the Languedoc.

Revelations guest, Andrew Gough, says “White Lie reveals more shocking truths than any book since The Da Vinci Code, including the identity of the real Indiana Jones. It would not surprise if it was adapted for the big screen soon.”read more