One of the strangest and most ominous of all the strange stories about America’s hidden history starts with an early UFO incident known as the ‘Maury Island Incident,’ and ends with the catastrophic death of John F. Kennedy. It is little known that JFK was actually among the very greatest revolutionaries in history. He was about to end the Federal Reserve, and he was about to disclose the truth about UFOs. Taken together, these two things would have changed our world completely, setting us on a completely different more

Practically every global warming model out there predicts increasingly extreme weather oscillations, epochal floods and extreme droughts, ferocious winters and brutal summers. In other words, they’re right. At present, we’re experiencing the mirror image of last winter’s deep freeze: hellish heat. Between 1998 and 2008, temperatures remained relatively flat because the amount of particulate matter being produced by Chinese pollution reduced sunlight hitting the earth. This gave global warming deniers fuel for their false more

Ground-nesting birds have a hard time raising their young, with many eggs and chicks falling prey to predators like chipmunks. One way they overcome these problems is by eavesdropping on the chips, chucks and trills that their enemies the chipmunks use to communicate with each other, and then using this information to find safer spots to build their nests.
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Instead of feeling stressed by the money they owe, many young adults actually feel empowered by their credit card and education debts (Whitley was lucky–a lot of his education was free!) You can’t buy happiness: This is a phrase you hear all the time (especially when you’re buying a lottery ticket), but data from 63 countries shows that it’s true: Freedom and personal autonomy are more important to people’s well-being than more