An Austrian company has created a new type of aircraft to replace the helicopter–a plane that flies like a UFO (but it’s not there yet, and if you fly on it, you’ll still have to go through airport security). It can approach as gently and silently as a hot air balloon, hover, rotate in any direction and fly as fast as a jet. These are all things that witnesses have seen UFOs do. Was this new craft inspired by UFO sightings and encounters?read more

Five Russian scientists who were advising Iranian nuclear experts on the design of an Iranian atomic facility were among the 44 killed in a recent air crash in Russia. Iranian nuclear experts have been involved in similar accidents in the past. Are these really "accidents?" A number of Iranian nuclear scientists involved in the same project have been assassinated in Iran. The five were employed at the Hydropress factory in Russia, one of the main companies to contract for the Bushehr construction in more

The Chinese may not need to wait 20 years for smoking or asbestos to kill them–FOOD may do it much sooner! They’ve sent some pretty bad food over here, but the things they feed their own people are much worse: they include glow-in-the-dark meat, recycled cooking oil collected from sewers. A recent survey revealed that one in 10 restaurants use the recycled oil, even though it contains a carcinogenic fungus. There is also "soy" sauce made from human hair that is swept up from salon floors.
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