Are you a portal into another reality? COULD you be? Jeremy Vaeni, the co-host of Paratopia, goes deep into questions like this in his new book Urgency. He has experienced a devastingly powerful movement into a completely new space that transcends reality as we know it. Listen as he explains this fascinating experience and how it was changed by the fact that he is a close encounter witness.

Jeremy Vaeni also has a very different vision of death as a journey that can potentially take us outside of reality as we know it.

This show is quite a trip, don’t miss it!

Jim Marrs, who is no stranger to having his books censored, interviews Whitley Strieber about the censorship of the Key. Find out exactly what the censor was trying to do by eliminating and changing the parts that he did, and get an inside look at what the sinister forces that run our world DON’T want us to know. The discovery of this sabotage has shone an incredible light on just what it is hoped will remain hidden from us, and now we know exactly what that is, and it is CHILLING what they don’t want us to know. And who are they? Whitley and Jim will be discussing that, too.

The early contactees with their tales of meeting beautiful blonds from Venus are almost universally dismissed. But should they be? Nick Redfern, in his new book Contactees: a History of Alien-Human Interaction, uncovers some little known facts that will make you think twice. Jim Marrs calls it, "a revealing look at alien contact." To find out why listen to this very surprising discussion between Whitley Strieber and Nick Redfern.

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