This is going continue to be one hell of a winter in the northeast, unfortunately. This is because temperatures in Greenland are way too high, due to the massive loss of sea ice in the arctic last summer. At the same time, a weakening Gulf Stream has enabled very cold air to flow south across Canada much more freely. These imbalances are potentially extremely dangerous, especially in the spring, when warm air from the south will collide with the cold air over the middle continent, with dramatic results.
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This week Whitley Strieber reads the first chapter of his new book Hybrids, due to be published April 12. This is the first of three readings to be spread over the coming months prior to publication, exclusively for our subscribers. Hybrids is about what happens when advanced hybridization technology falls into the wrong hands, and hybrids with a difference are created: they are smarter than their creators…us. Machines that are smarter than us are right around the corner, which makes this novel, like all of Whitley’s books, incredibly timely and probably equally more