Seven years ago, the US suddenly, and without warning, invaded Iraq. There is evidence that we are about to attack Iran in the same way. Was this predicted by a monk centuries ago?
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In her newest diary, Anne Strieber writes: “A few years ago, I wrote about meeting an angel in a Kinko’s copy shop. This time around, I was an angel for SOMEBODY ELSE, although I didn’t realize it until later.” It’s a great Easter story! And if you love Anne’s diaries, make sure they’ll keep coming: Subscribe today. And come meet Anne in person in June!

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Just days after achieving the highest energy particlecollision in history, the Large Hadron Collider hasdisappeared from the face of the earth. Swiss officials atfirst explored the idea that the collider might have beenstolen. But this seems improbable, due to the immense sizeof the device, which consists of a seventeen mile longcircle of magnets that are used to accelerate particles. Ithas been speculated that tiny black holes generated insidethe collider might devour the entire earth, not just thecollider itself.

Theorists now believe that it may have been plunged into analternative universe, or even been destroyed by scientistsfrom our own future, who were–or will be–threatened byprocesses it has, may or will generate, or might generate,that are presently more

Double-Nosed Dogs have long been popular in the Americansouth for their exceptional abilities at sniffing out smallgame, and now the breed’s abilities have caused it to beadopted by US HomelandSecurity as America’s official preferred dog for contrabandsniffing. As a result, Double Noses are increasingly beingseen in airports across the country, sniffing luggage fornarcotics, contraband and bombs. Many law enforcementagencies are adopting the breed as well, and theirfriendliness is making them popular with civilian owners,too. There are even plans to attempt the breeding of tripleand quadruple-nosed dogs, on the theory that they will beexponentially better more