…doesn’t really work! – Placebos are a sham, but the kind that doctors and researchers use. They’re usually mere sugar pills in disguise, which are used in a clinical treatment study. The effectiveness of the actual medication is compared with the placebo to determine if the medication works. For some people, the placebo works nearly as well as the medication, but why they work at all, remains a mystery. It turns out that one of the medicines that most of us rely on is just a placebo. One researcher says, “You might as well rub your skin with a bit of spit.”
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We once heard that the strange fly-eating plant called the Venus Flytrap was found in an area where a meteorite hit, but this turns out not to be true: it’s simply a case of evolution.The Flytrap is a plant that acts like an animal. There are other fascinating carnivorous plants, such as pitcher plants, which entice insects to them, then drown them, as well as a carnivorous plant called the Waterwheel that grows underwater.
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It’s that time of year again, and we’re holding Dreamland’s resident prophet John Hogue’s feet to the fire! Last January, he came on the show and prophesied for us. So, how did he do? Let’s find out.

We’ll replay some of his January 31 prophecies and see just how well he did this time. In the past, there have been some striking “hits.” Will that be the case this time?

John Hogue’s website is HogueProphecy.com.

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This week, Whitley Strieber presents a talk and meditation called "Sensing the Soul." He has often spoken about doing this, but how do we accomplish it? We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with DISbelief in the soul. Science tells us that consciousness ends with death, and that it’s entirely mechanical. But is that really true?

"Sensing the Soul" will touch you deeply, help you to rediscover your true self, and begin the process of ending the soul-blindness that has been imposed on you by our relentlessly materialistic culture.read more