The common food additive that gives M&Ms and Gatorade their blue tint may offer promise for preventing the serious additional damage that immediately follows a traumatic injury to the spinal cord. Maybe the lame really will get up and walk in the future!

ATP, the vital energy source that keeps our body’s cells alive, quickly pours into the area surrounding a spinal cord injury shortly after it occurs, and kills off what are otherwise healthy and uninjured cells. Now researchers have found that the compound Brilliant Blue G (BBG) stops the cascade of molecular events that cause secondary damage to the spinal cord in the hours following a spinal cord injury, leading to even more damage and paralysis for patients.
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At our subscriber chat on Wednesday, we heard some incredible news about a UFO crash into a lake in Ottawa, Canada.

It started about 10 pm on July 27 with a streak of light across the sky that was seen by dozens of witnesses. It was a type of UFO that has been described in so many of the letters that Anne Strieber has read: an object with lights that appeared moved erratically across the sky (rather than in a straight trajectory). On the Inquisitr website, Paul Short reports that the object then splashed into the Ottawa River. UFOs have often been seen going into to, or coming out of, large bodies of water. Thinking it might be a small plane, rescue crews immediately began searching underwater, but found nothing.
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The government may deny that they take UFOs seriously, but a major government-funded think tank, the RAND Corporation, has been studying them for over 60 years.

RAND (which stands for “Research And Development”) is a ostensibly a nonprofit organization, but one of its primary clients is the CIA. The idea for the think tank came from Donald Douglas, CEO of Douglas Aircraft, Major General Curtis LeMay and General Hap Arnold.
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Get married & STAY married! – A stable long-term marriage can be good for your health, but divorce or widowhood leaves a lasting scar on the health of middle-aged and older people, according to a new study. Remarriage seems to reduce but not erase the damage done by losing a marriage, and those who remain single after a marriage ends show consistently worse health than those who remarried.

Researcher Linda Waite says, “We argue that losing a marriage through divorce or widowhood is extremely stressful and that a high-stress period takes a toll on health. Think of health as money in the bank. Think of a marriage as a mechanism for

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