So many antibiotics are being fed to cattle that physiciansare afraid these valuable drugs will stop working forhumans. This is all because when ranchers feedcorn tocattle (whichare grass grazing animals), in order to fatten them up,their stomachs become upset, so they’re given antibiotics.

The Obama administration has announced that it wants to banthe routine use of antibiotics in all farm animals. Poultryand pigs are also fed these medicines on an ordinary basis,whether they actually need them or not.
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In this tougheconomy, the allure of buying lottery tickets seems like apretty enticing way to erase financial problems. But newresearch shows that people who won between $50,000 and$150,000 did not solve their debt problems and onlypostponed bankruptcy.

Mid-level lottery winners did not pay off their debt orincrease equity in new or existing assets. And though thesemid-level lottery winners were less likely than smallwinners (those who won less than $10,000) to file forbankruptcy immediately after winning, they were 50% morelikely to file for bankruptcy three to five years afterwinning their prize.

Researcher Paige Marta Skiba says,

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It’s not the sun, it’s the SAND – Who would have thought it? Children and adults who buildcastles and dig in the sand at the beach are at greater riskof developing gastrointestinal diseases and diarrhea thanpeople who only walk on the shore or swim in the surf.

People who playfully bury their bodies in the sand are ateven greater risk. Children, who are more likely than adultsto play with and possibly get sand in their mouths, standthe greatest chance of becoming ill after a day at the beach.Researcher Chris Heaney says, “This is one of the firststudies to show an association between specific sand contactactivities and illnesses.”
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Freddy Silva is one of the legends of sacred sciences research, and here he describes the amazing similarity between structure of crop formations and ancient sacred buildings. “Crop formations are sermons in wheat, as cathedrals are sermons in stone.”

In this wonder-rich interview, Freddy describes just what makes a sacred site sacred, and tells us how to gain the power of understanding that is so essential to spiritual growth.

Freddy and William compare notes about the power of the formations, what it is like to walk in them, and how the energy of the formations work. As Freddy says, “walking into a crop circle is like meeting a sacred person.”
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