Why do we like horror films, amusement park rides and?Halloween? Researchers have discovered that a look of horror makes a faster first impression on our brains than a smile. Our brains become aware of fearful faces more quickly than those showing other emotions?an evolutionary adaptation that has kept humans safe.
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The milk that killed 4 children in China, and made 50,000 of them sick, was laced with an industrial chemical called melamine, which can cause kidney stones (which can be fatal in infants). Melamine has a high nitrogen content, which makes products seem to be higher in protein than they really are. Now it turns out that melamine has been found in candy imported from China. Is this a danger for trick-or-treaters?

BBC News reports that Cadbury’s (a chocolate company based in the UK) has discovered melamine in some of its chocolates that were produced in Cadbury?s Chinese factories. Also, some chocolate products, such as Oreos, M & Ms and Snickers, may be counterfeits imported from China.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk
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Last week, on one of its password-protected websites, Al Qaeda said that the election of John McCain was preferable to Barack Obama. This is because McCain is more likely to continue the polarizing policies of the Bush administration, which have angered radical Muslims and made it easier for Al Qaeda to recruit new terrorists. But the polls suggest that Obama will win, so will Al Qaeda attempt to influence the election by staging a terrorist attack in the US in the next few days? The site said, “Al Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election.” Richard Clarke, the former White House Counterterrorism director, suggested that Al Qaeda prefers John McCain and could use terror tactics to swing the election in his direction.read more

Bert Janssen, the weekend’s Dreamland guest, will be speaking about crop circles at a conference in Sedona, Arizona January 9-11. William Henry, who did the subscriber interview with Bert, has only TWO places left for his next Egyptian tour on Jan. 18-21?so if you didn’t get enough of these two dynamic speakers on Dreamland, here’s how to get more: Click here and here!

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