It’s not just birds that are ending up in the wrong places due to global warming?it’s SPIDERS too, and some of them can be dangerous?for our crops and (in some cases) for US, since some of these spiders can BITE!

In BBC News, Rebecca Morelle quotes John Partridge of the British Arachnological Society as saying that his organization has had an increase in the number of enquiries about “strange spiders.” According to Partridge, “We are certainly getting more spiders coming into the UK – and it seems that more are spreading around the country once they are in.”
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Countries (including the US) are vying to set up colonies on the moon. But once they get there, they’re going to have to build shelters.

Researcher Houssam Toutanji has developed the concept of creating concrete structures on the lunar surface without the use of water. Traditional concrete consists of cement and water mixed with aggregates. While some parts of the Moon may have water, that resource may be more valuable for astronaut?s consumption rather than building structures. But his research shows that those astronauts can turn to a new type of waterless concrete that uses lunar soil as the aggregate and sulfur as a binding agent.
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In our latest Insight, we offer some advice?from the Menninger clinic?about how to cope with the stress of the recession. Behind closed doors, many of us are seeing the value of our investments and retirement plans wrecked. We are seeing our jobs become insecure or losing our jobs. Many of us are losing our homes. And ALL of us are stressed! There have even been some suicides, as people discover that the new bankruptcy laws, created by the same banks that are now failing us and pushed through congress by Tom DeLay, make starting fresh all but impossible. This Insight the provides some excellent and down-to-earth advice about how to bear this stress.

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A study conducted 13 months after the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts found that legal protections and making a public statement of commitment were the most often mentioned motivations for same-sex marriage.

It also found that lack of family approval and difficulties planning and paying for the wedding were the biggest obstacles. Psychologist Robert-Jay Green says, “The arrival of same-sex marriage brings up many issues that often lurk in the background in families. It forces same-sex couples and their parents to confront their deepest feelings about same-sex love.”
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