Gregg Braden is one of Dreamland’s most popular-ever guests. The Divine Matrix and the God Code were two very powerful program. Now he’s back with the Spontaneous Healing of Belief, and saying that it’s possible for us to change reality itself from within our own beings. (Meditation Group, listen up.) Then Linda Howe reports on the Phoenix Mars landing and a possible UFO crash in California THIS WEEK.

Gregg Braden reveals solid scientific evidence that the mind can indeed have an effect not only on the body, but on the world around us. He says that we’re born with the power to reverse disease and create an abundant, healthy world. We may even be able to reconstruct reality itself. And we had better listen up, because the time to start working on such changes is NOW. read more

Anne Strieber expands the discussion with Gregg Braden to cover his extensive knowledge of Tibet, his visits there, the relationship between Tibet and China, and the state of Tibetan Buddhism and ancient healing practices. They also talk about Anne’s own healing from her brain bleed. This is a deeply personal, ultimately moving, discussion that reveals both in its words and behind its words, some powerful secrets about the mind, the body, and the state of healing.

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Biofuels based on ethanol, vegetable oil and other renewable sources are popular with government and environmentalists as a way to reduce fossil fuel dependence and limit greenhouse gas emissions. The problem? They may have exactly the OPPOSITE impacts than the ones intended. Maybe we should all switch to electric cars!
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A researcher has discovered that flowers “wave” at insects to get their attention. But there may not be many bees for them to wave at soon, since the mysterious bee disease has now spread to Canada.

In BBC News, Matt Walker quotes John Warren as saying, “I was lying on the beach watching flowers wave in the wind at my daughter’s birthday party, and I wondered why they have stalks and risked getting damaged in such an exposed habitat.” So he decided to try to figure it out by observing how much different varieties moved and if flowers that moved more attracted more insects.
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