This week Linda Howe has one of the most extraordinary close encounter reports ever done. It is in the last half hour of Dreamland, and NOT TO BE MISSED. Before that, Whitley interviews Jeff Meldrum about Sasquatch. Jeff has done such an incredible job on the science that no less than Jane Goodall and Peter Matthiessen are endorsing his FANTASTICALLY GOOD book.

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When you finish Dreamland, you are going to want more, and Whitley gives it to you by going deeper with Jeff Meldrum. Whitley starts out by saying, “when we were on the air, I didn’t have time to bring up something that’s really been fascinating to me,” then he proceeds to ask about letters has just gotten from two separate people who have had bigfoot sightings in East Texas, just in the past few weeks!

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken more

UPDATE: High School inspections – Recent headlines on mainstream media have announced that there are antibiotic-resistant superbugs out there that are worse than AIDS. Is this true–and if so, how can we protect ourselves against them?

Researchers at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and Prevention stated that invasive infections with MRSA could have mortality rates that would exceed those attributed to HIV/AIDS, emphysema, and even homicide. Scientists have discovered a strain of bacteria that can cause ear infections in children that is resistant to all FDA-approved antibiotics for the treatment of ear infections.

What can we do? Believe it or not, one of the BEST things to do is to wash your hands, and make sure your kids do too!read more

Climate change may carry a higher risk of flooding than was previously thought.

According to BBC News, “Efforts to calculate flooding risk from climate change do not take into account the effect carbon dioxide (CO2) has on vegetation. Higher atmospheric levels of this greenhouse gas reduce the ability of plants to suck water out of the ground and ‘breathe’ out the excess?Their reduced ability to release water back into the atmosphere will result in the ground becoming saturated.”

Global warming also creates more rain. In, Andrea Thompson writes that NASA is reporting that “Global warming will make severe thunderstorms and tornadoes a more common feature of US weather.”

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