Is it the beginning of the end? According to a Swedish physicist, global oil production will peak sometime between 2008 and 2018 and then start to decline. Physicists have been right about this in the past.

In, Melinda Wenner reports that, “Since 1956, when American geophysicist M. King Hubbert correctly predicted that US oil reserves would hit a peak within 20 years, experts have debated when the same might occur globally.”
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In Anne’s new diary, she writes about cloud shadows. If you don?t know what these are, click here.

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Humans aren’t the only ones who have the problem of driving drunk. Birds and bats sometimes get into some fermented fruit and end up too drunk to fly. But bats have discovered their own hangover cure!

Bats use what we humans call “the hair of the dog.” In, Charles Q. Choi says that bats have learned that if they eat the simple sugars found in fruit after getting “high” on fermented fruit, they get over the bad effects of the alcohol. Would eating fruit after a drinking binge work for humans too?

It’s worth trying, next time you tie one on. Perhaps bar tenders should put out nice bowls of fruit, rather than peanuts, and urge everyone to eat some before driving home.

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Due to global warming, low-lying Bangladesh may not have much of a future, and if YOU live in a major coastal city (as many of us do), there could be a tsunami in YOUR future. Agricultural researchers think that cities should protect themselves from tsunamis and hurricanes by planting shelterbelts.

In the Independent, Ann McFerran reports that the island of Aralia, which is part of the nation of Bangladesh, is one of the first drowning casualties of climate change. The rising ocean surrounding it has reduced it to about one-fifth of its former size.
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