In January, William Henry interviewed Chris Jones for Dreamland about his translation of Otto Rahn?s legendary 1933 book, Crusade Against the Grail. Now Jim Marrs takes on this fascinating subjects from the viewpoint of the master conspiracy theorist. Listen to Jim?s enthralling exploration of Rahn?s life and mysterious death, and his motives for writing Crusade Against the Grail. Subscribers can refresh their memories about the symbolic meaning of the quest by listening to William?s January 13th interview.

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Everyone who reads this diary knows that I’ve been nagging them to get a colonoscopy. We recently flew to Texas to make a last visit a friend who is dying from colon cancer. It was a sad trip, of course, and I tried to figure out what my role was supposed to be in this situation–what was my piece in this particular jigsaw? I assumed it was one thing, but it turned out to be quite another.
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We live in a time when, due to our tax breaks for the rich and the diminishing power of unions, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But psychologists think that what even those of us who are getting rich want MOST is more equality.

According to a new study of behavioral economics, people will spend their own money to make the rich less rich and the poor less poor. They do so without any hope of personal gain, acting, it seems, out of a taste for equality and sense of fair play.
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Western aid to Africa helps these countries build roads, which are greatly needed to distribute food and medicine. But these new roads also make it easier for ivory poachers to reach the interior and kill large numbers of elephants.

In, Jeanna Bryner quotes biologist Stephen Blake as saying, “Unmanaged roads are highways of death for forest elephants?It is not the physical effect of the road that is the issue?forest elephants actually like roadside vegetation?rather it is the fact that unmanaged roads bring people, with their guns and ammunition.”
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