Occasionally we’ve written about magic on this website?and sometimes quantum physics can SEEM like magic. Now science has turned its attention to sword swallowing.

Radiologist Brian Witcombe and Dan Meyer, of Sword Swallowers’ Association International, sent out medical questionnaires to over 100 professional sword swallowers to determine what sort of medical problems they encountered.
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This weekend we will post a remarkable conversation that Anne Strieber had recently with William Henry, ranging from transformation to meeting movie stars, all of which he talks about in our latest Insight. We were planning to post this as a subscriber interview, but since we are switching to a new, IMPROVED subscriber service, we didn’t want anyone to miss it, so we’ve posted it as a Dreamland Special. In the meantime, you can still subscribe today. Whitley’s subscriber interview with Gary David this weekend, about Hopi Indian interactions with ETs, is VERY SPECIAL indeed!

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The greenhouse gases that cause global warming have soared to record levels in the atmosphere. Maybe that’s why we just experienced the warmest January on record.

New Scientist quotes climate scientist Kim Holmen as saying that “Levels [of greenhouse gases] are at a new high.” Holmen says that concentrations of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, emitted largely by burning fossil fuels in power plants, factories and cars, have risen to 390 parts per million from 388 ppm a year ago, and partially blames China, which is opening coal-fired power plants at the rate of almost one per week.
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We recently reported that automobile windshields are made differently than the side windows of cars, which is why people are getting skin cancer on the left sides of their faces. Now Airplane windshields, which are designed to remain intact during even the most extreme conditions, are showing a mysterious weakness. A number of planes in flight near Denver and on the ground experienced cracked windshields on February 18. Officials had never seen anything like it, and described the event as “truly bizarre.”
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