Gary David has discovered that the Hopi nation of the American Southwest created its early villages, in their entirety, as a reflection of the night sky. Listen as William Henry explores with him how he made this discovery, why it must be true and, above all what it means to our understanding of ourselves as human beings, and our lost memories of being a cosmic species.

Then Linda reports on fast moving extinctions taking place among amphibians and bees.
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Whitley Strieber approaches the mysteries uncovered by Gary David in a totally different way. He reveals that we need to prepare ourselves for the energy that will be available in 2012, and if “we’re going to try to take advantage of those energies when they become available,” we’re going to need knowledge. He says, “this book goes so deep that the actual energy of these ideas emerges in the reading process because of the way Gary talks about things like the relationship between words, and what power there is in words.”

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In the last few years we’ve had some near misses with asteroids and will again in the future. A team of scientists and engineers are striving to save humanity from asteroid impacts that could threaten life on earth.

Richard Fork is assembling a team to conduct research into deflecting asteroids that may endanger us. We now know it was an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. One of his plans is to someday use a laser beam to trace, and perhaps alter, their trajectories.
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When it comes to the health of ourselves and our planet, big business, which is invested in short-term profits, is usually the enemy of long term planning. Oil companies have even spread disinformation about global warming. But that may finally be changing.

Ninety international companies have released a joint statement declaring that immediate action is needed to stave off global warming. They?re asking governments to join together to mandate international emissions standards on things like power plants and automobiles. In, Andrea Thompson quotes Volvo president Tomas Ericson as saying, “As an industry, we are part of the problem, but we are also part of the solution.”
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