We recently reported that automobile windshields are made differently than the side windows of cars, which is why people are getting skin cancer on the left sides of their faces. Now Airplane windshields, which are designed to remain intact during even the most extreme conditions, are showing a mysterious weakness. A number of planes in flight near Denver and on the ground experienced cracked windshields on February 18. Officials had never seen anything like it, and described the event as “truly bizarre.”

The windshields on at least 13 planes have cracked. Investigators think this may have been caused by the fierce winds that have been hitting the area, although they’ve never seen anything like this before. ABC News quotes aviation expert John Nance as saying, “I know of no precedent for anything like this where multiple windshields have been cracked, simply by being in a particular place at a particular time.” Aircraft windshields are designed to withstand air pressure at 400 knots and to survive hitting a bird at high velocity.

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

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