If the US public suffers from many more Katrina-style storms, maybe they will pressure the government to focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, instead of getting side tracked by political items like flag burning and gay marriage. Weather researcher Kevin Trenberth, who works for the US government, says, “The global warming influence provides a new background level that increases the risk of future enhancements in hurricane activity.” As one editorial writer said recently, “If only gay sex caused global warming,” implying that then the problem would be addressed immediately.
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UPDATE – The Shuttle Discovery, toof off on the 4th of July. While claiming “weather conditions” for the delay, NASA’s real worry was that they had discovered cracks in the insulating foam of the shuttle?the same thing that caused the Shuttle Columbia to explode in 2003, killing all astronauts aboard.

Roger Guillemette and Tariq Malik reported on the delay in the NASA web site space.com. On the same site, Joe Rao said that there are several ways to find out when the shuttle will be in the sky over your house, so you can spot it: click here, here or here.

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com
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Robert Temple is the legendary author of the Sirius Mystery, which revealed the advanced scientific knowledge of Sirius possessed by the Dogon tribe of Africa, and was one of the first indications that a great lost civilization must have existed in our past. Listen as William Henry discovers his astonishing new findings about ancient oracles and the science that must have made them work. Then Linda Howe has a stunning revelation about the Fatima Secret!

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