A fault has been discovered beneath the Los Angeles basinthat could generate an earthquake far more intense than hadpreviously been thought possible in the area. Expertsestimate that a magnitude 7.2 to 7.5 quake along the newlydiscovered Puente Hills fault could kill up to 18,000 peopleand leave hundreds of thousands homeless. The number ofinjured could exceed a quarter of a million.

The fault runs directly under Los Angeles County andproduces a major rupture approximately every 3,000 years. Itlast ruptured approximately 2,000 years ago.
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Why aren’t we surprised that this happened in Las Vegas? Aman who claims that he has been using bible texts to calldown UFOs for years has apparently caused one to appear oncommand for a Las Vegas TV crew.

The stunned television personnel watched as ‘Prophet Yahweh”aka Ramon Watkins, raised his arms in prayer to Yahweh andpleaded with him, “show them that I’m not mentally ill.”Moments later, the crew filmed an excellent UFO sighting,with the craft manuevering in an impossible manner, thenheading off toward Nellis Air Force Base, then returning,only to disappear.

Unlike the prophet’s calls to his friends in the sky, the TVstation’s calls to Nellis went unanswered.
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Whitley Strieber gives very few interviews these days, buthe did give a recent interview to the creators of the FrenchwebsiteKarmapolis. The interview is startling, to say the least, and shows agreat advance in his thinking about the close encounterexperience. When we asked him if he planned to doadditional interviews, he said, “I really didn’t expect thisto be published in English. I did it only to satisfyfriends. Right now, attempting to advance thinking on thesubject of close encounter is a waste of time and effort. Ifthat changes, though, I’m prepared.”

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Newswise – With shellfish beds from Maine to Cape Cod coast closed fromthe largest algae outbreak in 12 years in Massachusetts Bay,scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution(WHOI) are studying the algae that causes these “red tides.”Red tides are caused by overgrowth of an algae that isnaturally present in the water. Reasons for the overgrowthare not always known, but nitrogen fertilizer washing downfrom farmland into the water during rain storms is oneprobable cause. Shellfish contaminated with the red tidetoxin, if eaten in enough quantity, can cause illness oreven death.
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