Why aren’t we surprised that this happened in Las Vegas? Aman who claims that he has been using bible texts to calldown UFOs for years has apparently caused one to appear oncommand for a Las Vegas TV crew.

The stunned television personnel watched as ‘Prophet Yahweh”aka Ramon Watkins, raised his arms in prayer to Yahweh andpleaded with him, “show them that I’m not mentally ill.”Moments later, the crew filmed an excellent UFO sighting,with the craft manuevering in an impossible manner, thenheading off toward Nellis Air Force Base, then returning,only to disappear.

Unlike the prophet’s calls to his friends in the sky, the TVstation’s calls to Nellis went unanswered.

KNTV chose not to place a story about the sighting on itswebsite, but the video of the event is available as of thewriting of this story. To watch it,clickhere. Requires Windows Media Video. May not be availablewhen you try to view it.

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