After fifteen years on life support and thirteen dayswithout it, Terri Schindler Schiavo has died. At the sametime, Pope JohnPaul was placed on a feeding tube afterbecoming too weak to eat.

Mrs Schiavo was a Catholic, and Catholic ethicist DennisMcCann, Ph.D., Wallace M. AlstonProfessor of Bible and Religion and Chair, Religious Studiesat Agnes Scott College near Atlanta said, “If giving thePope a feeding tube is the right thing to do, why is itwrong to deny the same to Terri Schiavo? In both cases themedical technology and the relevant moral principles arevirtually the same. The difference, however, lies in thediverging facts of the cases and a well-informedinterpretation of them. Terri Schiavo, alas, is brain dead ?the Pope is not.”
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Whitley and Anne Strieber were shocked to discover recentlythat it cost $40 to fill the gas tank of their small car. Itused to cost half that much. It’s clear that the U.S. needsto stop relying on foreign oil, but how can we do it?

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has a plan. Together withthe Pentagon, they have issued a plan for making the UnitedStates oil-free. They believe that U.S. business canincrease profits by using modern technologies that do notrely on oil. How to do this? We need to use the oil we douse more efficiently and substitute biofuels, natural gasand wind and solar power for the rest of our oil use.
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The Vatican has announced thatPope John Paulhas been given the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church.Unknowncountry’s Vatican source reports that he has a highfever and his doctors are concerned that he may not surviveanother twenty-four hours. He has a severe urinary tractinfection and is under intensive medical care. The infectionresponds well to antibiotics, and it is still possible thatthe Pope will recover fromthis latest health setback.

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We earlier wrote about a research group that has put out apaper, inconjunction with the Pentagon (the world’s largest oilpurchaser), about how the U.S. can become a country that nolonger uses oil?or at least not as much of it. While weworry about the world oil shortage, which is raising oilprices dramatically and forcing us to trade with hostileArab countries, it turns out that the ocean floor is filledwith a fuel that could power the world for decades to come.We know there are abundant amounts of Helium-3, a nearlyperfect fuel, on the moon, but we haven’t yet figured outhow to get up there and mine it. Surely it would be easierto tap our ocean fuel reserves.
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